Here's A Closer Look At The New Star Wars Archive Collection

The Star Wars Archive figures are a fairly new concept that allows new and old collectors a chance to obtain popular figures. Each year there are a select group of figures are re-released in new packaging. Last year, Hasbro held the first-ever fan vote to see what character would make a return in 2021. With the newest wave starting to ship out as well as hit store shelves, we wanted to take a look at two of the four Star Wars figures released. Archive figures are simple reproduction that gives fans the same figure and accessories in new packaging; this allows the original figure to maintain value while giving new collectors the chance to get this new figure at a great price to help finish their set. It is unclear, but both figures seem like they are a slight shade off compared to their original counterpart too. Let's not want any longer and check out these new Star Wars Archive Collection figures from Hasbro.

Two very popular characters made a returning 2021 with the first fan-favorite character Grand Admiral Thrawn up first. Originally an Extended Universe character, Disney brought him back in Star Wars: Rebels and the novel trilogy Star Wars: Thrawn. These figures feature brand new Archive packaging as 2021 also celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Lucasfilm. New Thrawn artwork is shown as well, depicting a different pose than what we originally saw on the Star Wars: The Black Series figure. He does come with his trusty pistol that can be holstered, and he will be a must-have for fans who purchased the Star Wars: Rebels re-release figures.

Next is Commander Cody, the winner of the Hasbro Star Wars Archive fan-vote last year. Like Thrawn, he is featuring in new packing celebrating 50 Years of Lucasfilm that also contain new artwork on the front and back. Commander Cody is a very popular Clone Trooper and will collectors trying to army build; he is a must-have for any collection. Surprisingly enough, this figure is based on his Star Wars: The Clone Wars appearance as the box states "figures inspired by the Star Wars animated series." That is an interesting note as he really captivated the audience in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, but his character really shined in The Clone Wars. As an in-box collector, I do not plan on opening these figures, but they are a necessary addition for Clone Wars and Rebels fans. Both figures are still up for pre-order, which fans can find Thrawn here and Commander Cody here. Be on the lookout this April for more Archive figures featuring the Death Trooper, Tusken Raider, and more.

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