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Hasbro is bringing home the fun as we receive another amazing box from the Transformers BotBots line. This line of miniature Transformers is always amazing to open and is really fun to play with. Each series shows off new objects who have been struck by Energon and have taken the plunge into the world of Autobots and Deceptions. The line has finally made it to series 5 with over +190 robots headed out way throughout 2020. There are three brackets of rarity per release with common, uncommon, and rare, however, this time things are getting a little golden. This year, the Botbots tribes are competing to see who is the most mischievous, and the winners are awarded a special gold bot from the Winners Circle tribe. These new BotBots introduced a huge variety of rare gold bots that will be a prize of any collectors collection. Hasbro was nice enough for us a special box featuring some of the Goldrush Games sets as well as our very own training set to make sure we were ready for the games ourselves. In this unboxing, we will be looking at 4 different products, 5-Packs, 8-Packs, Gumball Machine Game, and Claw Machine Game. To get you all excited for the Goldrush Games before we dive in, Hasbro wanted us to share an amazing stop motion Transformers BotBots training video which you can find below.

There are 10 tribes in total in Transformers BotBots Series 5. Hasbro sent us 5 of these tribes with the 5-Packs featuring the tribes, Cardio Cliques, Party Favors, and Los Deliciosos. The 8-Packs had the tribes, Frequent Flyers and Hobotichi Heats (which is my favorite tribe of this series). The Gumball and Glow Machine did not have a series list so I am unclear if they are special to those games themselves or if you can get them through other means. We are first going to look at the two special Transformers BotBots Goldrush Games boxes that include a Winners Circle tribe BotBot in each box. On top of the gold figure, you will also get 5 more bots and 5 dynamic stickers but you won't know what is what as they all come in sealed plastic balls. The Claw Machine game was pretty fun to play, as there is a paper tab on the side that when you pull the tab it makes the mystery balls fall. The Gumball Machine was a lot more intricate than the Claw game as it let you swipe a switch left and right pulling one ball from the collection hidden above. In the end, we ended up with two Winners Circles Goldrush Games Botbots, 10 normal bots, and 10 stickers. The Claw Machine had a golden football bot which was pretty awesome to see in person with some other great figure like a 3D glasses owl and a transforming couch! The Gumball machine seemed to be very dessert heavy with the bots and we got a golden donut out of this one. The stickers were a nice touch and being a fan of the series I like to see the animated side of these characters. The idea of the Transformers BotBots is such a unique thing that you almost forget they are real objects and this gives them that extra flavor you would want. Hell, after seeing these stickers, I would love to see a cartoon about these bots and all of their crazy adventures they get into at the mall.

Transformers BotBots Goldrush Games Series 5 Unboxing from Hasbro
Free Hasbro BotBots Box, Full contents, photo from Tyler Roberts.

We finally move on to the 5 and 8-pack figure sets. Each pack does include a mystery figure, so it is always a nice surprise to see who you will be getting. We did manage to get a couple of doubles, which is totally expected when it comes to massive packs like this. In the end, we ended up with 26 new Transformers BotBots figures and two very special Winners Circle figures. Hasbro has definitely pushed the bar this time in Series 5 with more intricate objects and transformations. Some of these objects include a water gun, sushi, neck pillow, and some Chinese food. Each figure carries his own flavor and style and I love that about these Transformers toys. Hasbro is starting to included weapons and accessories into some of these figures like Lieutenant Lo Mein has chopsticks, Cheeros gets a spoon and Shifty Gifty has dual swords. The extra weapons take them to new levels and the articulation of some of them is pretty great for such small figures. So many amazing objects come to life with these figures and I want to go out and add more to my collection that we happened to miss like any from the Movie Mongols tribe that features popcorn, bratwurst, and chocolate cherries.

The Transformers BotBots GoldRush Games is a great addition to the growing world of the BotBots. Every series adds new molds and different take on some other characters. Special thanks to Hasbro for sending us a box to share with you guys and girls out there. The Goldrush Games is a unique way to introduce a new tribe and create a new sought after set of figures. It is always a blast to see what misery figures you will get and of course transforming each one of them. The Goldfish Games sets are available for purchase online and you can find the 5-packs here, the 8-packs here, the Gumball Machine Games here, and lastly the Claw Machine Game here. Bring home the Transformers BotBots Goldrush Games today and host your own BotBots Olympics and really bring the fun home with Hasbro. Check out the rest of the Transformers BotBots Goldrush Games Gallery below:

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