Venom Snacks on Some Candy in the Newest Hot Toys Cosbaby Figure

Hot Toys is taking fans back to the 1980s with their newest Venom Cosbaby figure. This parasite is not out for blood this time but has a massive sweet tooth. Hot Toys has announced two new Cosbaby figures featuring Venom with some sweet treats. The first one features Venom with a chocolate bar and is biting a little more than he can chew. Venom features a shiny coat that makes the symbiote really shine. The next figure is a more adorable take on one of the Skottie Young variant covers. Venom is licking a Spider-Man lollipop with this adorable Cosbaby figure. The figure will feature a magnetic function and shows off that shiny symbiote suit.

Hot Toys has been giving Marvel fans a lot of Venomized collectibles lately. These are not at all what fans are asking for but they are new collectibles none the less. The Cosbaby figures are not for everyone but I am quite fond of these two figures. They show off an adorable side of this symbiote without pulling away from his sinister look. Pre-orders for these candy loving Cosbaby figures from Hot Toys are not up just yet but can be found here. They will most likely be priced around $25 and make sure you check out some of the upcoming Venomized figures to enhance your symbiote collection.

"Introduced in the late 1980s, Venom is a dark, twisted alien symbiote. While the symbiote is typically seen to be a bloodthirsty creature, it is also capable of satisfying these urges with something surprisingly sweet. Today, Hot Toys is very excited to unveil the latest Cosbaby collection, features Venom with Lollipop Cosbaby with magnetic function; and Venom with Chocolate (S) Bobble-Head. Each collectible measures approximately 10 – 11.5cm tall with bobble-head function."

"Based on one of the most memorable scenes involving Venom's chocolate addiction from the comics, Venom with Chocolate Cosbaby captures the symbiote swinging through the New York skyline with a sack full of chocolate. Look! Spider-Man isn't just our favorite, he's Venom's favorite too! Recreated based on a variant cover of a comic, Venom with Lollipop Cosbaby comes with magnetic function captures the symbiote out on a stroll enjoying his favorite, friendly neighborhood snack."

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