Hot Toys Shows Behind the Scenes of the New Venomized Iron Man

Earlier this week, Hot Toys revealed their newest Marvel figure. This figure features an intense Venomized Iron Man from the iconic Hong Kong comic artist Mr. Khoo Fuk-Lung. This unique design showed off a more nightmarish version of Venom with a more realistic look at the parasitic venom symbiote. We already talked about the figure when it was announced and fans can check that out here. This time Hot Toys has even fans a look behind the scenes as Hong Kong sculptor Mr. Joseph Tsang brings the new design to life. This is something we rarely get to see and it is spectacular seeing the sculpting princess in action. The craftsmanship in this figure is absolutely gorgeous and will be truly a wonder when it is in your hands.

The Venom symbiotic is the biggest part of this Hot Toys figures and its elastic and goo like nature are captured perfectly. Close up of the head and body just show how much detail and dedication is actually put into this design. Both creators of this design did a remarkable job and they will make plenty of collectors happy in the future. Pre-orders for this figure are not live just yet but fans can find other Hot Toys collectibles here. Until pre-orders go live, check out all of the amazing behind the scenes pictures from Joseph Tsang by Joseph Studio. Will you be picking up this Venomized version of Iron Man?

"In this monumental collaboration, Hot Toys has invited Mr. Khoo Fuk-Lung, a popular and iconic Hong Kong comic artist to create his own distinctive style of Venomized Iron Man. His design offered an extensive insight into the re-imagined character through unique and incredible visual elements, greatly emphasizing the fine details on the Iron Man armor with powerful drawing attentions to the parasitic Venom symbiote; while Hong Kong sculptor Mr. Joseph Tsang has carefully translated the conceptualized design into a realistic collectible with exceptionally fine details."

"Measuring at approximately 13.8" in height, the highly-detailed figure is crafted based on the re-imagined appearance of Venomized Iron Man in Spider-Man: Maximum Venom. It features two newly developed head sculpts with excellent craftsmanship including a half Venom and half Iron Man appearance with LED light-up function, and a Venom head sculpt; two interchangeable long protruding tongues for different expressions; high-structural diecast components and Iron Man armor parts painted in metallic red and gold colors; arms and legs partially crafted with vinyl material, skillfully painted in black with beautiful metallic bluish purple sheen; multiple articulated pincers outstretched from the chest; LED light-up function on Arc Reactor and left palm; as well as matching interchangeable hands specially designed for Venom and Iron Man half."

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