New Transformers War for Cybertron Kingdom Figures Arrive From Hasbro

Hasbro has revealed the rest of their upcoming Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom figure wave. Yesterday we covered three different Transformers, and today we get three more for their Transformers Generations collection. Starting things off first is Ractonite, who is here to showcase the return of the Fossilzer bots. This primal Transformer features the bones of a Paleotrex that can come apart and be attached to other bots. This deluxe figure will transform into its fossil dino form, and it just 16 steps. His dino appearance is beautifully designed and will have articulation in the jaw, allowing for roaring motions. Up next, we have the Autobot Huffer, who will feature a G1-inspired design. He will convert into his truck mode in just 14 steps and will come loaded out with shield and Energon blaster accessories. This Transformer will combine with the Fossilzer bot, giving him new bone armor and he will also be able to attach to Optimus Primes trailer to re-create an iconic G1 scene. Lastly, we are getting the Transformers Autobot known as Inferno, who will convert into his classic firetruck mode in just 17 steps. Inferno will have a classic extinguisher blaster effect and an extendable ladder when in his vehicle form. Each of these Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom figures are a great addition to the growing collection and necessary pieces for any fan.

Each of these Transformers will include a special golden disc card that will reveal a key character's possible destiny. There will be multiple cards throughout the set, revealing multiple destinies. Each War for Cybertron: Kingdom figure is spectacularly sculpted, and the G1-Inspiration designs are a huge plus for fans old and new. Both Transformers Ractonite and Huffer will be priced at $19.99, and Inferno is priced at $29.99. All three of these figures from Hasbro are set to release in May 2021, and fans can find pre-orders already live and located here.

"With the ancient and highly advanced F.O.S.S.I.L. (Fossilized Osteo-Skeletal Shield Integration Loadout) technology, Fossilizer bots, infused with primordial energy, break apart to weaponize their allies. The bone pieces of this Paleotrex figure break apart and attach to other figures. Use this Deluxe Predacon Fossilizer figure to beastify other figures with epic bone weapons and armor! (Sold separately, subject to availability.) Ractonite toy converts into a Styracosaurus fossil mode in 16 steps. Features lower jaw articulation optimal for roaring poses."

"This G1-inspired toy converts into Earth truck mode in 14 steps. Truck bed converts to shield and Energon blaster accessories. Figure can attach to WFC-K11 Optimus Prime trailer so fans can recreate the G1 scene from the Heavy Metal War episode where Huffer must tow the trailer after Optimus Prime is badly injured in a battle with Megatron."

"In the heat of things, Inferno stays cool under pressure. This G1-inspired toy converts into firetruck mode in 17 steps and comes with classic extinguisher blaster accessory. Features extendable ladder that can be ratcheted to different angles."

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