What is Going On With McFarlane Toys DC Comics Figure Line?

I recently put out my Top 10 action figure list for 2021, which had quite a few franchises and companies, one of which was McFarlane Toys. The Curse of the White Knight Red Target Exclusive Batman made my list with his companion batcycle which was an impressive figure that came at the first half of 2021. Since then, something has changed with the DC Comics DC Multiverse figure line, with McFarlane Toys really stepping back from quality to more quantity. Do not get me wrong, I still love this line, and I am still buying it, but a lot of these new figures have been pulling in quite a few complaints from many DC Comics collectors. I let things slide for a while since McFarlane Toys is the only one dishing out figures for the DC Universe, but I can not hold back anymore.

Here are three figures that can be found in-store that I was very excited to get my hands on, and not much was done after. Dr. Fate, The Demon, and Armored Batman are just some DC Multiverse figures that are loaded with detail but nothing to back it up beside that. The articulation is wack, the joints are stiff, and nothing you do really makes it an action figure; but more of a poseable statue. It is almost like McFarlane Toys is banking on just the idea of DC Comics and has nothing to back it up with. The accessories are lacking, with the Demon only getting a sword and the other two not getting a single thing, no magic effect for Fate or any bat-weapons for Batman.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse line really appealed to me with their first line-up of DC Comics Dark Nights: Metal figures. I loved the evil Batman Justice League, and it was incredible to see them in action figure form, which was something no one else was doing. Even now, McFarlane is dishing out comic arcs and DC designs that no one else is doing, which is a huge plus. However, my biggest peeve comes to us from the highly anticipated, highly promoted, and limited edition Target Exclusive Batman Year Two figure. Two versions were offered with signed and unsigned, priced at $49.99 and $69.99, and it just received a new restock. I finally got this figure in-hand from the restock and it immediately broke!

I returned the figure, but was able to take some pictures of what the issue was, the bicep joint of Batman snapped. I am not the only collector who experienced this flaw as the Target site is flooded with poor customer reviews for the Batman Year Two figure that can be seen here. A $50 action figure should not break on arrival and should not be managed this poorly as customers can not even acquire replacement parts for the figure. Some might super glue it or add a metal joint to fix Batman, but I am not paying $50 to fix a figure as I would want it to already come complete and intact. This figure already sold out again, so I doubt I will get the replacement figure I requested, which sucks as this is a figure I've been highly anticipating.

I understand McFarlane Toys has their own sculpt and design for the DC Multiverse line, but what is up with all the sideways looks? Why is it necessary to add a weird expression to these figures, making them look off to the side or off into the distance? This limits what you can do with these figures and it almost ruins the new Three Jokers Batgirl and New 52 Lex Luthor that just released. Silly sculpts, lack of accessories, and loads of rubber are what consists of these figures now; which is more of a poseable statue than a figure. The upcoming Drifter Bruce Wayne is an easy example of what not to give fans, and that figure will easily be sitting on shelves for months. McFarlane Toys needs to figure how to refocus this line or it will be dead in the water by the end of 2022. What do you think? Is McFarlane's DC Comics line dying?

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