Wolverine Returns to Japan with New Ronin Statue from Sideshow

An iconic part of the legacy of the X-Men known as Wolverine has arrived at Sideshow Collectibles. Logan is back in Japan with an incredible Marvel Comics inspired Wolverine: Ronin Premium Format statue. I have always loved Wolverine's time in Japan, and it really shows his more human side and a time outside of constant mutant shenanigans. He meant one of the loves of his life there, and it really gave X-Men fans a compelling story outside of the X-Men comics. This new Sideshow statue pays tribute to the world that Wolverine fell in love with a gorgeous and highly detailed 24.25" tall statue. Our favorite mount is depicted in samurai armor as we wield his claws and the mythical and deadly Muramasa Blade. The base is also a work of art as Logan is displayed on top of a cloud of clandestine spirit warriors, having their blue designs stand out from his red armor. Everything about this statue is badass, and if you're a Wolverine fan, then this is a must-own peon in your collection. A statue like this is not cheap, though, and Ronin Wolverine is priced at $695; he is set for a Q4 2023 release, and pre-orders are live here. 

"Sideshow presents the Wolverine: Ronin Premium Format™ Figure, a dynamic Marvel Comics collectible paying tribute to the mutant's storied connection to Japan. The Wolverine: Ronin Premium Format Figure measures 24.25" tall and 17.3" wide as Logan cuts a furious swathe through a cloud of clandestine spirit warriors. Their ghostly blue forms curl all around him in a unique forced perspective base that features a traditional Japanese temple backdrop. Wolverine wields the legendary Muramasa Blade in one hand, unsheathing his Adamantium claws with the other hand."

"The Wolverine: Ronin Premium Format Figure features a mixed media costume application, consisting of patterned fabric pants and a red fabric belt paired with colorful sculpted samurai armor. The wandering swordsman has been struck by numerous arrows lodged in his arms as he slashes apart his foes. From the topknot on his portrait to the woven bottoms of his boots, this ornate, ornery hero makes a uniquely detailed addition to any X-Men statue display. A drifter no more! Hire his blade and bring home the Wolverine: Ronin Premium Format Figure for your Marvel collection today."

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