A Censored Magneto, Warren Ellis' Moon Knight, An Unfinished Elektra And The Return Of The Fury – Marvel Previews Upcoming Stuff

Marvel are putting out a Previews book today, free at your local comic store. Full of previews of upcoming launches, sketches, concepts and plugs, here are a few that caught my eye…

IMG_0023 IMG_0028

You know, Warren Ellis used to mock people who suggested he write comics like Moon Knight. But with Declan Shalvey, he looks a very different creature, as he travels down the panels…


These Marvel Previews are meant to be kiddie friendly. It appears that the upcoming Magneto series may not be quite so kiddie friendly. As whatever Magneto replaces an unfortunate's fillings with… have had to be replaced for now. Rusty nails? Bullets? Something that makes him look… British?


This double page Elektra splash isn't quite ready yet. Still, we get an idea of what the booik will look like…


Avengers Undercover is your direct sequel to Avengers Arena as this scene points out…


Kaare Andrews gives us an Iron Fist… and a bunch of bad guys who are still terrible shots.


Secret Avengers gives us… whoa, hang on? Is that The Fury? Stop looking at MODOK, look up. Top panel. That is Agent Coulson battling… The Fury? The Fury????

That's The Fury, folks. And not the Nick variety.

Hang on. Are we going to get Nick Fury Vs The Fury?

IMG_0026 IMG_0027

There's often something rather spooky about a Mike Allred-drawn child. Otherworldy. Midwich. Just downright spooky. And in this case, looking far more alien than the Silver Surfer does…

IMG_0035 IMG_0034

Well, Wolverine in Wolverine & The X-Men has an eyepatch on his left eye – but has lost the scar on his right eye, as seen in today's Wolverine #1. But his healing factor doesn't look back here, does it?

IMG_0029 IMG_0030

Purple aliens. Got to love humanoid purple aliens, in Captain Marvel #1.

So… which are you going to reserve your pennies for?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With an art exhibition running for the likes of Savage Pencil, and a life drawing class planned for Valentine's Day…

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