A Comic Made Entirely Out Of Creepypasta, At Phoenix Comicon

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Mr. Creepypasta is a narrator and voice actor who has gained well over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel over the past five years.  His associate, Vincent V. Cava, has been writing horror for over fifteen years and has published five books in the genre.  They recently teamed up to create the Creepypasta comic and sat down with me at Phoenix ComiCon to talk about it.

James Sabata : For anyone who doesn't know, what exactly is a "Creepypasta?"

Mr. Creepypasta: Creepypastas are basically the horror stories of the Internet.  They're urban legends evolved to a digital age.  On our site, these stories are brought to life through the narration of the mysterious Blueman; an eerie phantom that resides in the deepest, darkest recesses of the net.  He uses a mix of horror and humor to entertain the audience.

 A Comic Made Entirely Out Of Creepypasta, At Phoenix Comicon

JS: You have an established audience of over 1,000,000 subscribers on your channel.  Will they get to see some of the more well-known creepypastas in this comic or are you going to give them something entirely new?

MCP: The first issue is a full color 48-page double issue featuring two ORIGINAL stories that will shock and terrify you.  These aren't tame stories or the vampires and werewolves you're used to.  The creatures and ghouls of Creepypasta are just as unique as they are terrifying.  The mysterious Blueman is your guide through these stories.  Basically, we're bringing back the pulp comics of the fifties, updated for a modern audience; but with way more blood.  It's a book for horror fans, comic enthusiasts, and anyone who has ever stayed up late perusing Internet forums for spooky stories.

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JS: First issue?  Is this going to be an ongoing series then?

MCP: That's the plan but it all depends on the funding.  We have several stories ready for more issues and a great team working on it, including Chris "Oz" Fulton, Bleeding Heart Works, and Teo Gonzales.  So each issue will feature self-contained stories.

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JS. The Kickstarter has just short of three weeks left on it.  What kind of rewards to do you have set up for the Creepypasta Kickstarter?

MCP: Some of the rewards include a hardcover comic, a softcover cover, a pdf version of the comic, original creepy music, t-shirts, art prints, POP figures, a new book by Vincent V. Cava.  We have prizes for people who pledge a little more, like our artists can draw a character of your design and provide a print.  Cava will write a story about your character for Mr. Creepypasta to read on the channel to over one million subscribers.  We also have some super-secret stretch goals.  Check out the Kickstarter to learn more.

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JS. You mentioned bringing back the pulp comics of the 1950s.  Horror comics like this were extremely popular but more or less disappeared for a long time.  Why do you think this gap exists?  Do you think the Comics Code caused part of it or is it something else?  Is the demand there for this sort of book?

MCP: The Code was probably responsible for a lot of it, as it became really hard to tell these stories and meet the guidelines of the Comic Code; but another part is that it's just incredibly expensive to make comics.  It's incredibly risky.  Horror comic makers don't have the marketing that major superheroes get or the merchandise sale to turn a profit, so a lot of horror comics are sold at a loss or near loss.  So people just don't publish them as often.  But yes, we believe there is a huge demand for these stories, but even if we take a loss, it's the least we can do to thank the fans who have supported our site over the years and other horror fans in general.

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JS. Do you guys have anything else you're currently working on?

MCP: Mr. Creepypasta is updating every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with more content and new stories. Vincent V. Cava is currently working on a young adult series of Creepypasta books.  We're hoping to release about four a year.  We'll have more information on that soon, so make sure you're following us on social media for those updates, and don't forget to like, save, and fav while you're there.

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