A Comic Show – Nightcrawler's Back But The Justice League Is Still Gone!


Aaron Haaland, of A Comic Shop, Orlando, Florida, writes;

Hey Fandom! We got a great mix of Marvel, DC, and creator owned books coming at you. Amazing X-Men, Longshot, Forever Evil, Zero Year, East of West, God is Dead, Dark Cybertron, and more comic goodness. This week rocks!

First up is Amazing X-Men by Jason Aaron which gave us our swashbuckling Nightcrawler back! The issue was just pure fun and I'm excited for what this title has to offer. Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe shows my favorite non-mutant messiah at his best; being in the spotlight. This is pretty much exactly what I want for my boy toy. Cataclysm is the beginning of the end for the Ultimate Universe, or so it seems.

Forever Evil explained what happened to our Justice Leagues at the end of Trinity War on the first page, then went on to be a brilliantly paced issue of what's shaping up to be a pitch perfect crossover. I love rooting for Lex Luthor! Green Lantern continued to show Hal's weakness as a leader, but leading with a limp and failing publicly may be what the GLC needs after all that Guardian mess. Oh, and those Zero Year tie-ins were fun, especially Jeff Lemire's.

East of West's message is becoming more clear. God is Dead has as infographic for the apocalypse. JMS's Protector's Inc promises to answer the question of why only rich Americans get super powers. And Transformers Dark Cybertron is a truly great comic. Really, I'll take all comers on this one, More Than Meets the Eye will more than exceed your expectations!

Thanks for watching and if you're going, I'll see you at NC Comicon!

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