A Comic Show On Christmas Eve In Florida. A Free Origins II. Ho Ho Ho.


Aaron Haaland says there is no Mr Sinister in issue 1 of Origins II.

He's wrong.

Anyway, here's what's happening at A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida this week…

Hey Fandom! Merry Christmas Eve! I hope everyone has some comics to enjoy for the holidays either new or old ones. This is a light week of releases called a "skip week", but Marvel and DC both put out a couple heavy hitters.

DC's Forever Evil #4 continued Lex Luthor putting together his own Justice League, and as the the cover shows his Batman is gonna be Batman. I really like the idea of these two working together since Bats has plans to take out the entire Justice League and Lex has recently been focused destroying Superman. Look out CSA, 'they're coming for you. And Justice League continues the Sadistic Origins of the syndicate.

Marvel's Avengers #24.NOW Rogue Planet #1 served as a good Infinity epilogue and holiday cheer issue while setting up the next big thing for Tony and the team. While Origin II #1 was beautifully drawn with a story about wolves, bears, and animals. What would the Marvel Universe have been like if Logan had lived his entire life with his wolf pack? Bear ruin everything!

Doctor Who has a holiday type good feeling special that served as the end of the IDW era. The Saviors is James (Starman) Robinson new creator owned Image book with J Bone. It's about a half baked guy who talks to lizards and gets attacked by lizard people. I enjoyed it, but honestly I'd give anything by Robinson the time to build into something amazing after the pay off that was Starman. Robotech and Voltron crossed over, not so much in this issue but it's coming. It was a good issue for people who have nostalgia for these franchises and the art gave respect to the brands.

That's about it for this week, go re-read some of your old favorite comics. I've been enjoying all six volumes of Starman!

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