A New History For Jughead

Archie1Genevvar-666x1024Mark Waid has been talking to Diamond about his upcoming revamp of Archie with Fiona Staples. But it may be Jughead who is going through the retcongrinder more than anyone.

He asks "What makes Jughead a loner? What in his backstory makes him such an oddball?" before clarifying "I've given a lot of thought—a LOT of thought—to Jughead, and while I can't give too much away, we've invented a heretofore-unseen history for him that, to me, really helps me understand how someone so different from the rest of the gang is nonetheless such an integral part of the Riverdale dynamic."

I'm going with… a reclusive dotcom millionaire who spends all his money on retro hats on eBay.

Am I close?


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