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Slow Burn #1 by Ollie Masters and Pierluigi Minotti, Ranger Academy #1 by Maria Ingrande Mora and Jo Mi-Gyeong, and Abbott 1979 #1 by Saladin Ahmed and Sami Kivelä launch from Boom Studios in their October 2023 solicits and solicitations. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left:[...]
Superior Spider-Man
Now there are two more Spider comic books launching from Marvel Comics in October, Spine-Tingling Spider-Man by Saladin Ahmed and Juan Ferreyra, continuing past September's Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #0 collection of the Infinity digital comic, with a new series and a new #1. After a fight with Spider-Cide, Spider-Man gets taken on the scariest ride of his[...]
The Comic Creators "Special Thanks" List for Secret Invasion S01E04
But now we have a better idea for why Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward were added to the list last week. Saladin Ahmed, co-creator of Raava in Black Bolt #1 (2017) Brian Michael Bendis – writer and co-creator of the series Secret Invasion (2008), co-creator of Maria Hill in The New Avengers #4 (2005), Pagon in New[...]
Secret Invasion S01E03
Any further suggestions in the comments are most welcome… The credits have dropped Ben Dunn, co-creator of T'Channa and Kreega, Kevin Gunstone, co-creator of T'Channa and David Finch,  co-creator of Maria Hill and Pagon from the second episode credits, but have added Saladin Ahmed and Christain Ward for their work on Black Bolt, You can see previous[...]
Frank Miller Draws Cover For Saladin Ahmed's Daredevil #1
It's for the new Daredevil #1 launching from Marvel Comics in August by Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder And I can't help but wonder, given the reputation of Frank Miller's graphic novel Holy Terror that still causes issues but which he shown some regret for, just how that might have gone down with everyone involved in[...]
SDCC Gossip About Substack Comics - Nick Spencer No Longer On Staff
Scott Snyder, Jonathan Hickman, Mike Del Mundo and Mike Huddleston announced that Substack financial grants would see upcoming comic book and comic book-related projects release via Substack's email newsletter platform., followed by Molly Knox Ostertag, Saladin Ahmed, Chip Zdarsky, Sophie Campbell, ND Stevenson, Kelly Thompson, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman The[...]
Marvel Comics Says Goodbye To Conan Today (Mostly)
and a pleasure digging deeper into the-lore and expanding it with the likes of Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar, Matthew Wilson, Travis Lanham, Esad Ribic, Roy Thomas, Jim Zub, Gerry Duggan, Meredith Finch, Saladin Ahmed, Tini Howard, Kevin Eastman, Chris Claremont, Larry Hama, Christopher Priest, Frank Tieri, Steven S DeKnight, Kurt Busiek, Dan Slott, Ron Garney,[...]
Free Substack Comics Day - Grant Morrison, Brian K Vaughan & Tom King
In addition, they're making all 10 previously published (Systems) short stories free to read for one day only. The Empire of the Tiny Onion by James Tynion IV: James debuts his new anthology series, TRUE WEIRD, with the story "Coney Island," featuring art by the legendary Klaus Janson.  Xanaduum by Grant Morrison: Grant reveals a never-before-published story, "Going Home," written and[...]
Substack Comics Creators Criticised Over Site's Offensive Content
So make sure to tell us what you like — and what you really like — and we'll keep that in mind. Saladin Ahmed was pretty happy too! Saladin Ahmed: Just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for the wonderful response to Copper Bottle's launch! It has been overwhelming in the best way and I continue[...]
Substack Comics Creators Criticised Over Site's Offensive Content
So far, Jonathan Hickman, James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Skottie Young, Molly Ostertag, Saladin Ahmed, and Chip Zdarsky have gone public, as well as engaging in a number of other monetising and merchandising opportunities It is clearly one of the biggest stories to hit the comic book industry this year in a year of big[...]
The logo of Substack
Saladin Ahmed's comics Substack is called Copper Bottle, while Molly Ostertag's new Substack is titled In the Telling. The logo of Substack In an opening post, Ahmed writes that he will continue to produce work-for-hire comics, but will now publish all creator-owned comics on Substack. There's a lot of that work on the way! I've earned wonderful fans[...]
Saladin Ahmed and Dave Acosta Set Kickstarter Ablaze with Dragon
Saladin Ahmed has had quite the run in recent years The Eisner-winning, Hugo-nominated writer has succeeded in both mainstream comics with The Magnificent Ms Marvel, which did the impossible of following up on G Willow Wilson's iconic Ms Marvel run, as well as the independent scene, with Abbott from BOOM! Studios Now, Saladin Ahmed has turned[...]
Saladin Ahmed and Dave Acosta Tease New Creator-Owned Comic
Saladin Ahmed, Miles Morales, Black Bolt and Ms Marvel writer, and Dave Acosta, Elvira Mistress Of The Dark, Twilight Zone and Chastity artist, are teasing something new A new creator-owned comic together. little glimpse of @davedrawsgood's work on our secret creator-owned project their names are Adil and Marjorie🤓 — Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed) January 17, 2020 Saladin has mostly[...]
Artists Named for Marvel Comics' Incoming #1 Anthology
Ewing, Matt Rosenberg, Ed Brisson, Saladin Ahmed, Tini Howard, Jonathan Hickman, Greg Pak, Donny Cates & Jason Aaron. But only a mention of Jim Cheung and Humberto Ramos as artists on the book Could they really be drawing all of the 80 pages by themselves? No. Today, Marvel told retailers the full list of pencillers working on[...]
Exiles No More! Series to End with January's Exiles #12
Superstar Marvel writer Saladin Ahmed is launching a new Ms Marvel series with artist Minkyu Jung following the departure of co-creator G Willow Wilson, but it looks like sacrifices must be made to make room on the schedule, and that means the end for the only-recently-relaunched Exiles with January's issue #12. Ahmed, it seems, will be[...]
Saladin Ahmed and Javier Garron Launch a New Miles Morales: Spider-Man in December
Saladin Ahmed and Javier Garron are the creative team behind a new Miles Morales: Spider-Man comic hitting stores in December, the first to not be written by co-creator "The Great One" Brian Bendis, who left Marvel for DC last year after seeing Superman in a museum The series was revealed EX-X-XCLUSIVELY by  IGN, part of the[...]
women of marvel sdcc 2018
Marvel (Kamala Khan), a 16-year-old Pakistani-American, even hit its 50th issue, which featured writers like Rainbow Rowell and Saladin Ahmed and will now star in the new Marvel XD show: Marvel Rising: Initiation. Marvel Rising: Initiation is the show I needed as a kid The trailer features female superheroes Ghost-Spider, Ms Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and Quake[...]
Exiles #5 cover by David Marquez and Tamra Bonvillain
It's down to Blink, Khan, Valkyrie, Wolvie, Iron Lad, and Nick Fury to beat the odds and save every universe from being consumed. Exiles #5 cover by David Marquez and Tamra Bonvillain This is the bombastic finale to the first Exiles arc under Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez, and it is a hell of a showing. The issue[...]
Quicksilver: No Surrender #3 cover by Martin Simmonds
The character work done by Saladin Ahmed is compelling However, it feels like this story is running in place That may be an intentional motif, but that leaves the series feeling repetitive for the reader I can tentatively recommend it but only for someone who has really enjoyed the last two issues and/or is a[...]
Quicksilver: No Surrender #2 cover by Martin Simmonds
Saladin Ahmed has made an excellent portrait of Pietro Maximoff with this comic, and I'm enjoying the dive into the character we receive. The comic is wordy, mind you Quicksilver has a lot of thoughts about his situation However, they allow us a good insight into his feelings, hopes, and fears regarding the situation in which[...]
Quicksilver: No Surrender #1 cover by Martin Simmonds
The condescending and arrogant speeding Avenger must cope with the fact that he cannot interact with another person at this time, and he has no idea how to relieve himself of this situation. Saladin Ahmed focuses on the interiority of Quicksilver primarily in this comic There are funny moments where Pietro decides to humiliate his father[...]
Comic Book Wins and Losses, Week of May 9th, 2018: No Justice for Deadpool
The finale is wild to boot, and Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente's artwork is outright fantastic. Exiles #3 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor 3. Exiles #3 Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodrigeuz's Exiles continues to amaze with its boundless creativity, upbeat personality, and visual vibrancy This issue brings the reader to bizarre new worlds[...]
Exiles #3 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor
He plans to drop an atomic bomb on New York City. Exiles #3 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor Exiles continues its saga in this walking tour of some of the fantastic and bizarre realities that Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez can conjure to mind This results in some strange tableaus that are nonetheless entertaining to[...]
Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of May 9th, 2018: No Justice and Freddy's Dead
That said, my excitement isn't killed. Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodrigeuz have put together a wonderful comic here, and I trust them to present this character well. Star Wars: Thrawn #4 cover by Paul Renaud Star Wars: Thrawn #4 Thrawn and Eli Vanto chase after a criminal called the Nightswan on behalf of the Empire[...]