Adam Beechen On The Batman Arkham Origins DC2 Process With Madefire

adam_beechen_576 Adam Beechen has been very kindly discussing his upcoming work on the choose-your-own-storyline Arkham Asylum comic with Madefire and DC Comics.

Best known for writing Countdown comics for DC, Countdown and Countdown To Adventure, as well as Batgirl and Batman Beyond, we haven't heard much of his comic book writing for a little while.

Well now he's back.

He told Bleeding Cool,

I helped plot the story for the new Batman: Arkham Origins DC2 Multiverse graphic novel, the "multi path" comic that premiered online on 12/19.  I didn't script it, aside from the pages that came out the first week of release.  I worked with editors Jim Chadwick and Pat McCallum to come up with the structure and story, then went off and broke down the story into plot summaries for the chapters for every branch that would be released each week.  It was fun, complicated, challenging work, trying to juggle and plot multiple storyline within the same larger story without violating the continuity of the video game our tale leads into, but it was all definitely worthwhile as I feel projects like this are at the forefront of where comics are headed —  a more immersive direction, in which the reader does more than read about the character, the reader makes choices for the character.

The DC artists and writers, many of them relative newcomers, that worked on this project have been really extraordinary, and it shows on every screen.  And DC's motion-comics partner on the project, Madefire, did a brilliant job in bringing the project to life.  I'm extremely grateful to Jim, Pat, DC Senior VP Hank Kanalz, and everyone at DC for letting me be a part of this experience in some small way.

Glad to have you back, Adam!


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