Advance Review: Midnight Society: The Black Lake Takes Us Into The Depths

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Dark Horse Comics upcoming release Midnight Society: The Black Lake. Having heard about the release, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to dive in before it hit comic store shelves. Written and illustrated by Drew Edward Johnson, Midnight Society: The Black Lake follows the story of secret agent Matilda Finn, one of England's greatest adventurers, who made a choice forty years prior that would haunt humanity. Now she must deal with the consequences of that choice in a frantic rescue operation at Scotland's Loch Ness.

At the beginning of the comic we are prefaced with the statement "1. In which we meet two celebrated adventurers with a problem of ethics, and a young woman takes an urgent job at four o'clock in the morning." I found that to be interesting, because the description led me to believe that we would be thrown into a story completely about Matilda Finn, but of course the first half provides us with a lot of information that is key to the whole story. However, I will say, that my attention truly wasn't captured until the second half when we meet Matilda. I found her character's inner dialogue to be gripping and filled with a sorrowful tone. It's clear that she's seen a lot, and been through a lot, which allows for some good character/reader connectivity.

Johnson writes a compelling script, and I found the art to be incredibly impressive. There were moments that I felt true depth amongst the pages, as if the characters were so close to me, close enough to reach out to. The detail amongst the backgrounds provided a realistic feel, despite the terrifying monsters that are involved throughout. If you're a fan of horror-adventure type stories, I would definitely recommend adding this one to your pull list. Midnight Society: The Black Lake #1 is set to release on June 17th.

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