Age Of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies Is… An Ongoing?

ULTRON-VS-ZOMBIES-01Not a mini-series. Not to be done away with at the end of the Secret Wars event. Age Of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies is a new ongoing series  James Robinson and Steve Pugh, announced by Marvel PR through EW.


Expect this to run and run….

It's a choose-your-own apocoalypse scenario: Do you prefer your doom to come via flesh-eating, mostly intelligent, super-powered zombies, or by an army of indestructible robot despots? Fortunately for most of the inhabitants of Battleworld, the land where Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies takes place is walled off from the rest of the planet. Unfortunately for some of the inhabitants of Battleworld, it's where you get sent if you're deserving of severe punishment.

"Getting sent to this No Man's Land means you've done something wrong in Battleworld," says editor Mark Paniccia. "It's equivalent to having to walk the plank over shark-infested waters. In this story you'll see someone who is deemed a criminal sentenced to this very dangerous territory—a character I can't mention—but is a really cool twist that James came up with."


Caught in this post-apocalyptic hellscape will be The Vision, Wonder Man, and Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch—along with someone writer James Robinson says will be "a very cool surprise." While everyone will be trying to kill the heroes (along with everyone else in from the former multiverse exiled with them), the Ultron/Zombie armies won't be very chummy.

"Ultron sees his world as the epitome of perfection and the Zombies are the antithesis of that, so no they don't get along at all," says Robinson. "They war for whatever humanity they can find, with Ultron wishing to either control it or kill it and the zombies wanting to eat it.  They're definitely at war."



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