Alters #10 Review: An Emotional and Gripping Finale

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Latavius' powers are out of control, and his mother, Sharise, has disappeared through a portal. The Chief is reluctant to leave the Alters, but Chalice is determined to save Sharise and Latavius. With the help of Morph, she goes through the portal to save Sharise.

Alters #10 cover by Leila Leiz and Leonardo Paciarotti
Alters #10 cover by Leila Leiz and Leonardo Paciarotti

Alters #10 provides a dramatic finale to this arc and this season of the series. Appropriately, it's all about love. Specifically, it's about Chalice's love for Sharise, her teammates, and herself, and it's about Sharise's indominable motherly love for Latavius.

It's very much an emotion-driven comic book. It's emotion that motivates Chalice and Sharise to go to such extreme lengths. They simply aren't themselves were they to not do all of this.

Admittedly, this sequence takes up most of the comic. There isn't much in the way of plot this time around. However, Alters #10 makes up for this with how compelling and lovable its characters are. You want to see them succeed. You don't want to see this end in heartbreak.

Another part of its plot, and one that I don't want to spoil too much, is Chalice/Charlie confronting the gender dysphoria. It's a great scene and one that isn't tackled very awesome in this hallowed storytelling medium. Thankfully, Alters has approached this concept many times now. It does leave on a somewhat frustrating cliffhanger which will hopefully be resolved someday soon.

Alters #10 art by Leila Leiz and Leonardo Paciarotti
Alters #10 art by Leila Leiz and Leonardo Paciarotti

Leila Leiz's artwork is very well textured and all-around appealing. It's also unique, detailed, and highly expressive. The design of characters like Chalice and Morph are great. Leonardo Paciarotti's colorwork leans on purples, which looks great in this style and fits the tone and themes quite well.

Alters #10 is a gripping and highly engaging finale to this first season of the title. Paul Jenkins has set up a lovable group of characters here, and the artistic team of Leiz and Paciarotti works like a charm. This issue comes recommended. Check it out.

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