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Hound: A re-imagining of Cu Chulainn, Ireland's greatest legend. Story by Paul Bolger and Barry Devlin, Artwork by Paul Bolger, Produced by Hugh Welchman, Kickstarter closing date: 1st of May (

Marcin J. Sobczak writes,

Dear Bleeding Cool Readers…

Just before you'll take a look at our project briefly described beneath, I'd prepared a little treat exclusively for you (one here and the other one at the end of the article)! Paul J. Bolger, the author of "Hound" is preparing a little digital surprise. To get it you just need to follow these four very simple steps:

1. Click here: and log on to the Kickstarter platform.

2. Pledge at least £5 and get yourself one of the rewards of your choice.

3. Send us a message after with a phrase: I am reading "Bleeding Cool".

4. Please do wait couple days and you'll get your special Bleeding Cool digital #HoundGN surprise.

And now, as long as you are still interested, let's immerse ourselves inside the world of wonderful Celtic myths and legends…


This intriguing and peculiar character looking at you right now is Cu Chulainn, Ireland's greatest mythological hero. We are trying to re-tell his thousand's years old story in our Graphic Novels. Yes, in three of them!

We are trying to tell this, known in Ireland for ages, story through the eyes of the villain – Morrigan, the war goddess of Celtic Ireland. That's how the Goddess looks like in our tale:

What is this story about? (at least briefly…)

In this forgotten world where war once ruled peace reigns supreme and this is killing Morrigan, last of the Long Lived. In a desperate bid to stay vital, she kidnaps baby Cu Chulainn and exposes the child to her darkness imbuing him with unnatural strength and agility, but at a price. Cu Chulainn inherits her dark hair, eyes and unpredictable brooding nature. He is not easy to be around. Although physically smaller than his peers he has the status of a giant. Friends and foe fear him.

Since killing a Blacksmith's guard dog and taking its place as a child, hence his nickname ("Hound"), he has earned a reputation for never letting anyone or anything get in the way of that which he wants more than anything else – to be Champion of the World.

With Cu Chulainn seeded as her living weapon Morrigan plans to turn a hard won peace into endless carnage.


Kickstarter campaign

At the moment, we are trying to get funds through Kickstarter to bring this whole world to life. Our Author, Paul J. Bolger has done a lot already on the Graphic Novel. Though there are still loads of work to be done and we do need some financial aid for Paul being able to take time out from paid work to work on this.

If you like what you see, please consider supporting the project here:
We are almost halfway! Please help us reach our goal!


Just a few words about Authors…

To cut a long story short, I'd like to mention there are three people involved in "Hound": Paul J. Bolger, Barry Devlin and Hugh Welchman.

First of all a few words about Paul J. Bolger (co-writer & artwork). "Hound" is a project of a life-time for Paul – the bringing together of his story telling and artistic experience of the last 30 years!

Paul J. Bolger has enjoyed a wide and extremely successful career as one of Ireland's homegrown, but internationally acclaimed lead animators ("Cool World" – for which he animated the cartoon version of Kim Bassinger, "Werner" – the first and only cult animation biker movie, and also Richard Williams' "The Thief and the Cobbler"); animation designer ("Pippi Longstocking", "Carnivale"); and director ("Happily N'ever" starring Sigourney Weaver). But before he was apprenticed into animation Paul's first love was, and remains, comics.

Barry Devlin (co-writer) – a film & TV writer of note ("A Man of No Importance", "The Darlings Buds of May"), Director of several documentaries on U2 (yes, the famous music band!) as well as directing many of their music videos, and he is something of an Irish rock legend himself as the front man of Horslips.

Hugh Welchman (producer) – an Oscar winning film producer (do you remember "Peter and the Wolf" short animation?) and Creative Director of BreakThru Films (Producer and co-writer of "Loving Vincent").

Just in a few days we are planning on a big surprise for all of our Backers! Be one of them and find out in the next week's update ;)


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