As Dark Knight Three News Spreads Across The Internet, Scott Snyder Flees For Brazil

So, that was a story, yesterday.

Broken by Bleeding Cool, then picked up and confirmed by a number of other reporting organisations. That Frank Miller and Scott Snyder have been planning a threequel to The Dark Knight Returns, while DC Comics beancounters rub their hands ever so excitedly.

So what did Scott Snyder have to say about this as the story hit?

He told everyone he'd be off Twitter for quite some time.

Was it something we said? No, of course not, he was attending a comic convention in Brazil.

Though it probably was rather useful timing.

Comic Con Experience of Sao Paulo runs from tomorrow to Sunday, it's massive with huge crowds and a number of A-list local and international comic book creators to share their wisdom… if you are going let us know how it goes.

And we look forward to Scott Snyder practising his Portugeuse.

Maybe something like  "Eu não comentar sobre rumores"?

We hope to have more details on Dark Knight Three (as we have decided to start calling it) later today.


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