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Charles Soule's Daredevil Gets A Marvel Comics Omnibus
Soule wrote the series from Vol 5 #1-28, and then the legacy numbers #595-#612 from December 2015 to November 2018, with a total of 45 issues, as well as Annuals for 2016 and 2018, and a spin-off mini-series, including art from Ron Garney, Mike Henderson, Goran Sudzaka, Phil Noto, Dan Panosian, Stefano Landini and more. And[...]
Greg Pak, Phil Noto Take over Star Wars in July
It looks like Greg Pak and Phil Noto will be the new creative team of Marvel's main Star Wars title starting in July, at least according to the Amazon listing for November's Star Wars Vol 12 trade paperback collection, as noticed by redditor gorosaur on Reddit's /r/starwarscomics. The trade paperback, which collects Star Wars #68-75, lists[...]
Marvel Reveals Phil Noto Interlocking Variants for 80th Anniversary
Marvel's 80th anniversary, not Phil Noto's. Ahem… Marvel Comics has released a look at variant covers by Phil Noto styled after Marvel's "decades" theme in celebration of the publisher's 80th anniversary (jeeze, and they're worried a married Spider-Man makes him look old) The nine covers are interlocking, but not in the usual side-by-side way[...]
Daredevil #607 cover by Phil Noto
After that brawl, Daredevil goes to Frank McGee for help from the Inhumans. Daredevil #607 cover by Phil Noto I can't say I was expecting the return of Mike Murdock anytime soon. That's not a complaint; Mike Murdock is an appreciably ridiculous and fun part of Matt Murdock's vigilante career Daredevil #607 brings him back in a surprisingly[...]
Daredevil #606 cover by Phil Noto
The story then jumps back, and we see Daredevil coordinating with Frank McGee to expose Kingpin's election fraud. Daredevil #606 cover by Phil Noto Daredevil #606 more-or-less starts a new arc for the title We are still dealing with Mayor Fisk, but the angle has changed Plus, we have Matt trying to stay on top of the[...]
Johnny Blaze: Ghost Rider: #1 cover by Clayton Crain
Despite the unoriginality of that, there are still some cool action scenes sprinkled throughout brought to life by artist Phil Noto. Johnny Blaze: Ghost Rider #1 art by Phil Noto Noto's work brings a gorgeous and fluid otherworldliness perfectly fitting for both the Ghost Rider and Hell itself It's a horrific, dark, and punishing world The action[...]
Astonishing X-Men #7 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin
Hopefully, X-Men: Red will give us something, and there is Gail Simone's Domino and the new Exiles further down the line. Astonishing X-Men #7 art by Phil Noto Now that I've stepped on everyone's toes in one glorious paragraph, let's talk art It's good, thankfully Phil Noto brings a style and appeal to the title that this[...]
poe dameron
With Marvel's solicits now out for March 2018, we get a look at the Star Wars titles that will come out that month. March sees Star Wars: Poe Dameron reach its landmark 25th issue, and the solicit does present some interesting possibilities. STAR WARS: POE DAMERON #25 CHARLES SOULE (W) Angel Unzueta (A) Cover by PHIL NOTO It's the end of[...]
C.B. Cebulski, Editor-In-Chief Of Marvel Comics
The likes of Skottie Young, David Lafuente, Rob Guillory, Matteo Scalera, Sana Takeda, Paul Azacata, Adi Granov, Sara Pichelli, Phil Noto, Steve McNiven, and Val De Landro were amongst his finds. He rose to the position of Senior Vice President at the comic publisher before being the Marvel Man at Disney in China, where he worked for the past[...]
Comic Books – Immigrants Are Welcome Here
Marvel has become the symbol of a naturalised American citizen whose love for her country and others is boundless. Art by Phil Noto In comics, we've often been taught to not even consider nationalities Instead, what is important to us as an audience, and in deciding what characters are good or bad isn't where they come from,[...]