Avatar Plug of the Week – CROSSED: BADLANDS #9

I'm going to make this short and sweet, on account of my need to catch a plane!

Tomorrow marks the fear-fraught conclusion to Jamie Delano's epic "Homo Superior" storyline in Crossed: Badlands #9! It's a reunion (of sorts) of the cast, some of whom have been completely overtaken by the murderous urges of the Crossed disease. Alone in the Everglades and surrounded, armed but hampered by her sudden need to have a baby, Steve makes a decision that you'll never see coming!  It's the gut-wrenching, explosive finale you'd come to expect from Crossed!

A story arc ending that reaffirms Delano's place as a master of horror, Crossed: Badlands #9 comes to you with artwork by Leandro Rizzo, and is available in several cover editions (including Regular, Torture, Wraparound, and Red Crossed).

Enjoy the below preview!

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