Big Changes are Coming for Cyclops and Havok in the X-Books

In the fast-paced world of superhero comic book publishing, universe-shattering changes only last as long as the next relaunch or super-mega-crossover event. At Marvel, one of those two things happens roughly every three months, with the Age of X-Man still going while we're already looking ahead to Jonathan Hickman's House of X and Powers of X.

But while those big events bring changes on a macro scale, it often the little things that make a bigger impact, and an impact appears to be in store for the two Summers brothers in upcoming X-titles, as least according to the teaser images posted in recent X-Men columns at Adventures in Poor Taste.

Yes, we've already gotten two clickbait articles out of X-Men Monday this week, but our colleagues in the illustrious world of comics journalism have challenged us and we never back down from a challenge.

Our first clue that there would be some major changes to Scott Summers' facial hair appeared in last week's column, when power-mad X-Editor Jordan White revealed the following image of Cyclops sporting a full beard. Cyclops normally goes clean-shaven or rocks a little bit of facial stubble, but he's pretty clearly abandoned all grooming in this image, where his hair is looking pretty unkempt as well.

Big Changes are Coming for Cyclop's and Havok's Facial Hair in the X-Books

But it's not just Cyclops who's given up on shaving. Scott's brother Alex appears to be taking after his sibling, sporting a beard of his own in this preview from today's X-Men Monday column. It's clear that Havok started his growing beard after Cyclops, since Havok's is longer. Or maybe Scott is just so manly that his beard grows twice as fast. Either way, the Summers brothers are going full lumberjack soon, if this image is any indication.

Big Changes are Coming for Cyclop's and Havok's Facial Hair in the X-Books

So what drove the Summers brothers to stop shaving? That much is unclear at the moment. Maybe Matthew Rosenberg has finally finished killing off all the women on the X-Men team, so they figure, just a bunch of X-bros hanging around, so why bother? All will be revealed, hopefully, in an upcoming issue.

Cyclops may have given up the mantle of X-Men leadership, but it's clear that he's still a leader when it comes to fashion. So which formerly-shaven X-Men character will be next to grow a beard? We'll be closely monitoring the situation so we can update you with a minimum of one clickbait article on the subject.

Let us know what you think of Cyclops' and Havok's new looks in the comments.

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