Does Bill Jemas Want a Cease And Desist From Disney?

Once upon a time, Bill Jemas was the publisher of Marvel Comics. He is now publisher of AWA, a new New York comic book publisher. Former Marvel Comics editor Axel Alonso is also EIC of AWA, but it has made very clear to Bleeding Cool that he has nothing to do with AWA's iPOP line, this is all Bill. A line of free digital comics commissioned by Bill, written by Bill under the pseudonym Yoshida – later changed to Akira after we pointed it out – referencing the unfortunate past of the current Marvel Comics EIC C.B. Cebulski. And when that failed to get the requisite attention, it looks like he is daring Disney lawyers to C&D him, so that he can claim he is being censored.

Bill Jemas has continued his line of Very Bad Baby comic books, that began with Lion Queen, moved to Raider Babies (modelled on, and using the same music as Raiders Of The Lost Ark) and has now moved to the even-more trademark-baiting comic book Starwar. Come on Bill.

Does Bill Jemas Want a Cease And Desist From Disney?
Does Bill Jemas Want a Cease And Desist From Disney?

This Thursday, June 18th, at noon EST, iPOP! will launch Starwar Episode #1: Tew Stupid live on iPOP!'s Website. The PR states "Apparently, Darth Maul is back, and this time he's not scwewing around" and they suggest social media tags for anyone covering this as that include "#starwars #jedi #phantommenace #georgelucas".

The stories are shown in comics and video format and readers/viewers are told they will have the opportunity to purchase print versions of their favorite online iPOP! Comics. I wonder if there will be a few purchases from Burbank? They also state that iPOP! is hiring animators, cartoonists, illustrators, and storyboarders but that comic writers need not apply. After all, Bill Jemas is writing them all himself.

Here is their current schedule.

●     Raider Babies #1: Scwew Yew – June 10th, 2020

●     Raider Babies #2: Scwew Yew Twew – June 17th, 2020

●     Starwar #1: Tew Stupid – June 18th, 2020

●     Starwar #2: Tew Stupid to Live – June 23th, 2020

●     Lion Queen #1: Olivia Exotica – June 24th, 2020

Here is what they say about themselves:

Artists Writers & Artisans (AWA) is different. We are not cowering at the sight of our crashing industry. We are mobilizing to put more creators to work scripting and drawing more and more stories to publish to a vast, diverse, and growing market of people who read comics online – many of whom also buy print versions of their favorite stories. We define our art and craft as storytelling, not as digital or print book publishing; that would be akin to defining the art and craft of making music as the vinyl record or the phonographic cylinder industry.

So, what are the odds that this article will be used in legal correspondence?

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