What Do Black Mirror's San Junipero And This Weekend's Thought Bubble Have In Common?

Black Mirror: San Junipero did very nicely at the Emmys this year, nabbing a couple of gongs. The series showrunner and writer Charlie Brooker began his career as a cartoonist, working on video game magazines and comics such as Oink! before his early inline work was picked up and adapted by early digital TV channels in the UK, and he rose to fame via TV Go Home, Brass Eye, Nathan Barley, Guardian newspaper columns, Dead Set and now Black Mirror.

There's also another fun comic book connection to that Emmy-winning episode, in that the actor who plays Kelly's nurse, Laura, is Cheryl Anderson. And you'll be able to see her this weekend at comic book festival Thought Bubble in Leeds, as part of Soaring Penguin Press, the comics publisher run by her husband John Anderson.

They will have a table debuting the new collection of Emma Vieceli and Malin Ryden's Breaks and the latest volume of their anthology collection Meanwhile, featuring new chapters of Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millidge and The Bad Bad Place by Mark Stafford, as well as Sarah Gordon's The Collector, Giulia Spinicci's The Sycamore Tree, Ginny Skinner's Psychic Lost Item Helpline, Ryan Howe's Daisy McGuffin and Simone Buchert's Cut Out.

And hey, if Charlie wanted to pick up a copy, there might be some fine ideas in there…


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