Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 1st Sep 2014 – Batman Eternal Rises Back To The Top

Batman_Eternal_Vol_1-21_Cover-1_TeaserThis is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Without any of the mega-books this week, the weekly Batman Eternal, with its big bad guy reveal rises back to its natural top spot, with Guardians on its heels. Superman seems to be doing a little better than before and Saga is outselling all the Xbooks!

  1. Batman Eternal #21
  2. Guardians Of The Galaxy #18
  3. Superman #34
  4. Saga #22 
  5. Batman/Superman #13
  6. Avengers #34
  7. All-New X-Men #31
  8. Harley Quinn #10
  9. Original Sin #5.4
  10. New 52 Futures End #17

Thanks to these retailers.

And this is what they had to say,

Great showing for Image this week, with Wayward premiering in the #9 position, pushing ahead of Outcast #3 at our store! Batman Eternal continues to sell well, but readers are starting to grumble about the unceasing bleakness of New 52: Futures End. Original Sin #5.4 did less well than was hoped, because Marvel's announcement of a female Thor undermined the excitement of Angela being the sister of Thor and Loki.

Huge demand for Silver Age DC this week–strong sales on early Justice League in particular. Also interest in World's Finest–"there's a Superman/Batman movie coming, so I'd better get these before the prices go up," the customer explained.

Strong sales after last week's sort of ho-hum offerings. Saga took the #1 spot in our store for the first time. Seeing a lot more people who've caught up with trades and just can't wait for vol 4.

Futures End slipped a little selling just under Thor & Loki and Superman. Biggest surpise was Secret Origins outselling Guardians of the Galaxy.

Moved a lot of blank variants the past few weeks. Harley Quinn has passed Deadpool as the book we have to constantly reorder.
Batman Eternal 21 was even more in demand than it usually is thanks to people saying they read on social media something "Big" goes down in the issue. Guardians of the Galaxy is still riding the popularity of the movie. I ordered more than usual and it looks to be paying off. Kirkman's Outcast is doing like his Thief of Thieves series did. It was hot briefly and then died off quickly. Saga 22 seems to be almost untouched on the shelves. Not sure if all the new Image titles are flooding the demand for Image material or what is going on with Image.

Action Comics is seeing some love along with Superman from the 90s. Amazing Spiderman's first run is still strong. Punisher out of the blue has almost vanished from the back issue bins. That really surprised me.

Harley Quinn goes 10 months straight as our Best selling comic.  With a fan base that touches every age demographic it just keeps getting bigger.  However, its still the Big Heroes that collectively own the overall business.  Toy business continues to soar as new fans are gobbling up the G.O.T.G  craze.

Strong week for book with people picking up extra titles that they usually would not. Wayward looked good so it caught peoples attention and the death of Wolverine almost sold out in the first couple days. Expecting big things from Wolverine next week. Outcast however was the clear winner for the week even with many people only getting one copy instead of a reader and one for collections.

Have to say that Uber was the back-issue mover of the week with issues #6-#11 completely selling out. I assume people are picking the title up since History channel has bombarded everyone with specials about D-day and the end of the war in Japan.

Sadly nothing is really stood out. Outcast isn't keeping its momentum. Low should have sold well, but I have yet to receive replacements for all of my damaged #1s, so its dead on the shelf. Batman Batman Batman. Seems like every customer is bringing up Batman something, be it Bat Supes, or '66. Eternal is my best selling book and multiplying that by 4 is a wonderful thing
Massive week in comics this week. Had to expand our already giant new rack to almost double the usual size! Marvel had a ton of heavy hitters out this week, so we saw lots of people coming in for the Avengers books and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Batman Eternal #21's crazy NEW 52 debut of a certain character has already caused some people to come in and get caught up on the series. Some awesome indie books this week too. Low & Black Science had Remender fans coming through the door and most of them read the juggernaut that is Saga too, which is beating out some huge books in terms of numbers right now. It came in as our third best seller this week! Not to mention Kirkman's Outcast #3! All in the same week, it was nuts.

Guardians Merch continues to fly out of the store with no end in sight. Also having a ton of people coming in to try out Lumberjanes lately. A very diverse group, it's been excellent. If you aren't stocking that book, you should be!

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