Booze Geek: Neshaminator

neshaminatorDylan Gonzalez writes;

Beer: Neshaminator

Brewery: Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.

I don't know about you, but I think a lawsuit may happen over this beer. Neshaminator clearly takes its theme after the Terminator franchise, right down to the image of the robotic foot crushing down on human skulls.

But that's just the bottle. The beer itself is a deep brown, surprising for what I thought was a wheat beer. It produces a very large head that is surprisingly active, looking almost like a Guinness when it is poured. To be honest, in the glass, the beer looked kind of like an old bog with all its bubbling and churning.

Neshaminator produces a sweet, honey scent with a strong chocolate smell as well. I found myself comparing it to a toffee. When I drank it, I found that I could barely taste any alcohol. It was very sweet, like drinking chocolate syrup with some hints of fruit and nuts. It really felt like I was drinking a melted down chocolate covered fruit of some kind. On the palate, I found it to be smooth, silky almost, with little carbonation.

Overall, I was not particularly fond of this beer. I will say it was interesting, but I don't think I, ahem, will be back to try it again anytime soon. It bums me out a little, as I have yet to find a wheat beer that I enjoy.

What To Drink This To:

I think it's right there in the name. Pop on your preferred of the Terminator films and enjoy. I'll personally always find the first one better than the second one, but the Judgement Day obviously ranks as a great action flick at the very least. I would rather not speak of the third film and the Salvation was, well, a film.

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