Brian Bendis Says Alan Moore Would Win a Wizard Battle with Grant Morrison

Superstar DC Comics writer "The Great One" Brian Bendis took to Reddit on Tuesday for an AMA, answering questions from fans about his upcoming DC Comics work. But Bendis also answered the occasional question about something more offbeat, such as this one, asked by Redditor TheStealthBox:

Hi Brian, huge fan of your Ultimate Spider-Man stuff and I'm really glad you're doing this AMA. I have a few quick questions:

Is Into the Spider-verse the greatest comic book film of all time or is it the greatest comic book film of all time?

Who would win in a fight, Grant Morrison or Alan Moore?

What's it like being part of DC's bald men illuminati?

Are there any artists or writers you'd really like to collaborate with? Do you have certain books in mind for them or are you just waiting for the opportunity to pop up?

To which Bendis replied swiftly with an unexpected answer for a DC Comics exclusive creator:

To answer your second question — Alan Moore's mage powers are not to be fucked with!

Of course, both Alan Moore and Grant Morrison are renowned wizards possessing strong magickal powers, and Moore is a highly respected comic book creator, considered by many to be the best writer of all time, even if Morrison himself is no slouch. But DC Comics has a long history of offending Moore, with crimes such as publishing unauthorized sequels to Watchmen, screwing Moore and Dave Gibbons out of the Watchmen rights to begin with, or digging through his rubbish bins for stories such as Blackest Night.

So one would expect that writers that could at any time be asked to participate in an unauthorized Watchmen sequel would definitely choose Morrison in such a comparison, especially when both Morrison and Bendis share a sacred bond as members of the Baldheaded Brotherhood of Comics. There's something to be said for brand loyalty, after all.

But "The Great One" didn't rise to the top of the industry by doing what's expected of him. Or perhaps he simply hasn't gotten the memo. Either way, Alan Moore must be smiling in his sanctum sanctorum tonight. Or hexing Grant Morrison, which is, essentially, the same thing.

Brian Bendis Says Alan Moore Would Win a Wizard Battle with Grant Morrison
Photo of Alan Moore by Gaius Cornelius (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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