Britney Spears Thinks The Green Lantern Star Sapphire Corps Are Hot

Britney Spears is experiencing a renaissance in popularity at the moment, as the legal battle over her conservatorship rages on and important conversations about disability rights and guardianship have a light shown on them. In acts of rebellion, she posts constant updates on her personal Instagram page, everything from dancing videos to coded messages based on the color shoes she is wearing. Yesterday, however, she dipped her toes in the fandom surrounding the Green Lantern color spectrum, posting a page featuring the Star Sapphire Corps from Green Lantern Vol. 4 #20 and captioning it "This is hot 🥵 !!!!!". The page she posted is below. Even artist Doug Mahnke reposted the post to his page, saying, "No need for hashtags. 😂 "

Britney Spears Thinks The Star Sapphire Corps Are Hot
Star Sapphire Corps. Credit DC Comics

Britney Spears Posting About A Comic? Prices About To Spike

Now, I do not know if Britney Spears was talking about the page itself and the costumes or if she was talking about the text, but nevertheless, either work. The description of the corps powers would be of particular interest to her: "The Star Sapphire rings reach into the hearts of those who wear them and reveal their greatest love. The ring can also tether to an embattled love that is under threat and bring the Star Sapphire to its aid."   A lot of that rings pretty true for her right now.

I bet this comic spikes in value now. A glance at eBay, sold listings have ticked up a bit, and in my shop today, I got asked for the book for the first time in quite a while. That's the power of celebrity folks. Make sure to go on Hulu and watch that documentary about Britney Spears that they posted a couple of months ago; not only is it informative and interesting, but you will also finish it a bigger fan than you went into it and rooting for her as well.


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