Captain America Steve Rogers (The Nazi One) Gets "Hail Hydra Launch Trailer" For Issues #7 And #8


In a bizarre move for a comic that technically launched in May of 2016, Marvel has released a "Hail Hydra launch trailer" for Captain America: Steve Rogers, commonly known as the Nazi Cap book where Rogers is revealed to have always been an agent of Hydra due to mind control cosmic cube shenanigans. The trailer advertises the seventh and eighth issues of the book, which tie in with Marvel's Marvel NOW promotion, which is not to be confused with past Marvel NOW promotions, which are now Marvel THEN. Captain America Steve Rogers #8 was released in December, so the launch trailer is a little late, even from that perspective.

The trailer starts out with surprisingly good production value, but quickly goes downhill when the narrator, who sounds like a random intern from the Marvel offices trying to imitate what he thinks a trailer should sound like, kicks in. Seriously, Marvel, you're a billion dollar company. Hire a voice actor, for chrissakes.

Check out the trailer below:

If you can't get enough Nazi Captain America — and really, who can? — check out the website created by this reporter: Captain America: Grammar Nazi.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #7 and #8, from subtle political metaphor crafter Nick Spencer and artist unfortunately stuck with him Jesus Saiz, are in stores now.

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