Jesus Saiz

Doctor Strange #4 cover by Jesus Saiz

Doctor Strange #4 Review: A Good Story Needlessly Complicated

Doctor Strange and Kanna are on the run with a Nidavelliran Dwarf named Eoffren. A photon-based species, called the Majesdane, kidnapped Eoffren to force him to create a superweapon for them. Strange and Kanna sprung Eoffren, and the Majesdane are now trying to kill them. Doctor Strange #4 has a straightforward plot, as you could […]

Doctor Strange #3 cover by Jesus Saiz

Doctor Strange #3 Review: Surprisingly Deep Skrull Analysis

Doctor Strange and Kanna are scouring the stars in search of magical artifacts to grant Stephen is mystical powers once again. They are successful to a point, but Stephen Strange is far from being the Master of the Mystic Arts again. Against all odds, this search leads them to a world inhabited by Skrull refugees. […]

Doctor Strange #2 cover by Jesus Saiz

Doctor Strange #2 Review: Brisk Pacing and Gorgeous Art

Doctor Strange is a slave on an alien world. He is made to serve the species and spends his night in a jail cell. He is still unable to tap into the magical energies he once held mastery over. A mysterious woman claiming to be an "arcaneologist" is dropped in the cell with Strange, and […]

Doctor Strange #1 cover by Jesus Saiz

Doctor Strange #1 Review: Both Familiar and Fresh

We are shown a previous showdown between Doctor Strange and an other-dimensional elder god before jumping to the present, where Stephen Strange's connection to the magic of the world has begun to gradually fade. It is gone completely before long, and he must either face life without magic or find a means of remedying this […]

Avengers #672 cover by Alex Ross

Marvel Legacy Avengers #672 Review: It Just Doesn't Hold Together

The relationship between the Avengers and the Champions remains strained as the two reunite in the stopping of a massive meteor from colliding with the Earth. All of this happens while space explorations attempt to locate the exact position of High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth on the other side of the sun, if it is truly there. […]

mark waid

Avengers And Champions Worlds Collide In The Second Crossover Of Marvel Legacy

It's independent Avengers meets relationship Champions in Marvel Legacy's next crossover from Mark Waid, Jesus Saiz, and Humberto Ramos! Traditional comic book wisdom dictates that one runs crossover events to boost sales after they've started to lag since the last line-wide rebranding, relaunch, or reboot that follows a blockbuster super-mega-crossover event. But the ever-innovating House […]

The DC Comic That Will Look Like Saga

You can read this week's free June Previews for yourself free on ComiXology – register here and then click here. And see more of our DC June Previews coverage here. Saga #28 is out today. And, as ever it looks really great. Fiona Staples with a masterful pen line that the colour then fills, swoops around, […]

The Last Issue Of Swamp Thing Goes Very, Very Meta (SPOILERS)

Do you remember that scene from Animal Man #19 by Grant Morrison and Chas Troug? In which Buddy Baker, high on mescalin, looked directly at the viewer and said, Itself inspired by a scene by Bryan Talbot in Brainstorm? Swamp Thing #40 does something similar. Not the same. But terribly meta for its final issue, by Charles […]

The Un-Men Return In This Week's Swamp Thing #38

Trying to figure out what to get this week at the comic shop? Here are some preview pages for Swamp Thing #38 written by Charles Soule and drawn by Javi Pina. This is the fourth part of the Machine Queen story arc as Swamp Thing launches a counterattack against the Machine Army. This issue also […]