Charles Xavier Did What Now? (UPDATE)

In the X-Men books of late, we have met a Brotherhood Of Mutants from the future. One of the characters, Raze, is the future child of Mystique and Wolverine.

And another, Xavier, called himself the grandson of Professor Xavier. But who is the mother?

From tomorrow's All New X-Men #27… from a year ago. Moira McTaggart giving birth.


Or is it?


That's right folks, rather than the grandson, we have the child of Xavier and… Mystique. And here he is next to Raze on the cover.


Given than she's also Nightcrawler's mother, with Azazel as the father… are there going to be any characters that Mystique is not the mother of, soon?

UPDATE: Yes, of course, there was Graydon Creed as well. But Rogue, she was only adopted by Mystique.


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