Comics and Complication: Propaganda for Social Movements

Comics & Complication – Propaganda for Social Movements

Time for another edition of Comics & Complication. In the first article, we dug into JLA: The Nail and the concept of heroism and in the second we looked at World War Hulk and the idea of anger. This week, we're looking at how propaganda in comics can be used to influence social movements. Superman […]

Archie Comics to Donate 100% of Online Sales to EJI

Archie Comics to Donate 100% of Online Sales to EJI

For the past few decades, Archie Comics has not shied away from inclusiveness. Since they introduced Chuck Clayton, Archie Comics has made great strides in trying to create an equal and just world within the safe pages of the Archie Comic Universe. As of late, Archie has been going above and beyond with showing the […]

Archie's Bringing You Summer Fun in these Diamond Solicits!

Archie Comics is Bringing You Summer Fun in these Diamond Solicits

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, American's. With the unofficial start of summer here, it's time we took a peek as to what's coming to us this summer from Archie Comics via Previews. Now these books won't be out until August, but you can get your orders in now with your favorite local comic book shop. Archie […]


Spider-Woman Most Ordered Comic in Diamond March 2020 Marketshare

We were wondering where the Diamond Comic Distributors March 2020 marketshare statistics might have got to. Well, it has been a peculiar month. Rather than the usual Friday/Monday release, we are getting the marketshare and top tens today followed by the full stats tomorrow. So here we go, Spider-Woman and all. As it stands comic […]


All the Digital Comics Released This Week From Traditional Publishers

All major comic book publishers have pulled digital comics versions of new titles out this week, as they are still unable to publish them in print. There are exceptions for Archie's general market titles, collections already sold into the book market, and original graphic novels such as DC's Alt-Hero out today. Smaller publishers are less […]


Archie Gets Political in World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest Preview

Today, Bernie Sanders ended his campaign to become the Democratic nominee for the presidential election. It's a crushing blow for younger democrats who favored the Democratic Socialist Senator from Vermont. However, not all young people have become disillusioned with politics. World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #98 is out from Archie Comics this week, one […]

Radical Shift Of Gravity, one of a number of comics published this week.

All Comics Published This Week From Marvel, DC, Image and More

Diamond Comic Distributors closed its doors to new product two weeks ago. This led to the biggest print comics publishers restricting their digital output as well. This was an attempt to support physical comic book stores, unable to receive print comics from Diamond. The suggestion is that continued digital publication right would cannibalise future print […]

The Diving Into The Comic Vault logo. Photo: Baltimore Lauren.

Diving Into the Comic Vault: Pep Comics #6

Welcome back to another episode of Diving Into the Comic Vault. We're still exploring the early issues of Pep Comics, with today's focus on Pep Comics #6. This cover is yet another impressive WWII themed cover of Pep Comics by Irv Novick, showcasing The Shield fighting the Axis Powers. This issue has Shield — in […]


Betty and Veronica Comics Double Digest #282 Is Fun and Refreshing

Betty and Veronica Comics Double Digest is just the thing you, or your kids, need. The double digests are classic Archie fun, and they're always a feel-good read. This romp into the classic Archie universe is just what we need right now! Readers get a lot in this double digest. We open with Betty and […]


Archie Comics Expands Apparel Line at Threadless

Like the world's best rappers, athletes, or Instagram stars, comic book publisher Archie Comics has unveiled an expanded new clothing line at Threadless, a press release announced Wednesday. The new lineup features "unexpected fun takes on the classic Archie characters including Tarot card-inspired designs, classic logo artwork, cheerleading and biker art styles, and art from […]


Batman #92, Empyre #0 Lead Scheduled Releases This Week on ComiXology

Batman #92, Empyre #0: Avengers and Empyre #0: Fantastic Four lead the list of scheduled releases this week on Comixology. Bleeding Cool has taken a look at all the titles that the major comic book publishers still have scheduled on ComiXology for release this coming Wednesday, April 1st. While a number of publishers have pulled […]

Comic Book Publisher Artist drawing comic art

Comprehensive Rundown of Every Comic Book Publisher's Current Status

It's been a hectic month full of announcements from comic book publishers reacting to the rapidly-changing business conditions created by the coronavirus pandemic. We've been keeping you informed about current matters within the industry here at Bleeding Cool, as every comic book publisher in the business assesses how to navigate these unprecedented conditions. Here's a […]

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How Archie Will Continue Publishing Comics, Print and Digital

Archie Comics has issued a following statement to retailers, about their plans to publish their April 1st titles next week as usual, in print and in digital, and send them to subscribers or directly to retailers, including Sabrina: Something Wicked #1 and Cosmo the Mighty Martian #5, as well as Vampironica: New Blood #4 on […]


The State of the Comics Industry Under Coronavirus – On Tuesday

I have been writing this article for almost twenty-four hours. Been talking to senior comic book industry figure after another. The problem is, the second I get a hold of what might actually be going on, the situation changes from under me. But everyone is agreeing that this current coronavirus pandemic, and the reaction to […]

Archie Meets Flash Gordon in June, by Jeff Parker and Dan Parent

Archie Meets Flash Gordon in June, by Jeff Parker and Dan Parent

Archie Comics has announced another team-up coming in June. From Jeff Parker and Dan Parent, the Riverdale gang will meet up with Flash (Ah-ah! Savior of the Universe!) Gordon in a comic appropriately titled Archie Meets Flash (Ah-ah! He'll save every one of us!) Gordon. In the one-shot comic, Ming the Merciless invades Riverdale, and […]

Dynamite Third For Per-Capita Marketshare For January 2020, Ablaze Beats IDW

Dynamite Third For Per-Capita Marketshare For January 2020, Ablaze Beats IDW

Welcome to Bleeding Cool's Monthly 'Per Capita' List.  The usual comics industry marketshare shows how much share of the overall market a comics publisher has. But the Per Capita list takes that figure and divides it by the number of new titles they publish in that month. We've already looked at publisher marketshare in the […]

Archie Comics Editor Victor Gorelick Dies at Age 78

Archie Comics Editor Victor Gorelick Dies at Age 78

The Archie Universe has lost one of its greats, according to publisher Archie Comics. For over sixty years, Victor Gorelick helped shape and create the world of Archie, Riverdale and beyond.  Born in 1941, Victor started his career at Archie Comics fresh out of high school in the art department, where he learned how to […]