Comics Shocker: Rob Liefeld is Still Working on Image United

In the most shocking comic book news we've heard all week, superstar artist Rob Liefeld has told Russ Burlingame at that he still hopes to complete Image United, and that he may even pick up some of the slack from his fellow Image founders to complete the book, which hasn't seen a new issue since 2010's Image United #3. The series brought together the original Image Founders to draw interior art (except for Jim Lee, who, recognizing his limits, only did covers) for an epic super-mega-crossover event story written by Robert Kirkman. Unfortunately, after an eight-month delay for issue #3, the series appeared to fizzle out.

But according to Liefeld, it's not dead. Just… mostly dead. And mostly dead is slightly alive.

Rob Liefeld

I have a lot of pages. Image United will be completed. I don't want to give a date but I haven't given up. I got messages today on my Twitter feed, asking me to finish it up. Look, some things just take more time and this one got caught up in some people who got less enthused with it quickly. I'm not one of them. What it's going to require is for me to do about 10-15 pages, finish everything that I have from one of the issues, maybe lightly pencil and help out what else is on the page, and then go and make a mass presentation. It's something I've discussed with Robert Kirkman but nobody's going to take it seriously until the work is done.

Liefeld is riding high a decade after the original attempt at Image United, with two and a half successful Deadpool movies earning him modern pop culture respect and relevance with a new generation of fans. Liefeld's Major X, a Marvel series which sees a character Liefeld created back in the glory days of the early nineties but never introduced head back in time to those same glory days for some unabashed early 90s X-Men/X-Force action, has sold out of every issue so far. It's only a matter of time before someone puts him in a second Levi's Jeans commercial. The point is that Liefeld is energized, and he may just pull this one off.

Ok, Burlingame, nice job on the scoop of the century. Now can you get Liefeld and Kirkman to tell us when they plan to complete The Infinite?

Rob Liefeld is Still Working on Image United

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