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Rob Liefeld Reveals Why Image United is Really, Truly Dead

Rob Liefeld Reveals Why Image United is Really, Truly Dead

After nearly a decade of hopelessness, fans of Image United, the 2009 series that united the Image Founders and Robert Kirkman for a super-mega-crossover event epic which fizzled after its third issue hit stores in 2010, were finally given a tiny sliver of hope back in May when superstar artist Rob Liefeld revealed he was[...]

Todd McFarlane Wants to Start a New Image United Before Finishing the Last One

When they aren't informing readers on the latest trends in frozen poultry products or how to score free french fries at McDonalds, one of alleged comic book website's favorite topics to talk about is Image United, the ill-fated collaboration between the original Image founders, minus one Jim Lee (who just did covers) and plus[...]

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Comics Shocker: Rob Liefeld is Still Working on Image United

In the most shocking comic book news we've heard all week, superstar artist Rob Liefeld has told Russ Burlingame at that he still hopes to complete Image United, and that he may even pick up some of the slack from his fellow Image founders to complete the book, which hasn't seen a new issue[...]

Marvel July 2018 Solicitations

Marvel's July Solicitations Have Nearly Enough Image Partners to Finish Image United

Facing impending death, he must tie up his loose ends — which means eliminating all his grudge-holding old enemies, including archnemesis, Scar! The Destroyer can cut a bloody swath through the underworld, but can Marlow survive long enough to complete his final mission? Plus: The Destroyer’s rarely-seen Golden Age origin…and more tales from his past![...]

Jonathan Hickman Has Finished Writing The Last Two Issues Of S.H.I.E.L.D., But There's A Catch…

For fans of Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver's S.H.I.E.L.D. series, which saw issue #4 published in December of 2011, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news first? But the bad news: Oof. So when can we expect them then? Damn you, internet! Luckily, Dustin Weaver has had the […]

When Dale Keown Finished That Image United Cover

In June, we ran the story that a comic book fan was looking to recreate the planned Image United Interlude cover that went away along with the rest of the comic By taking Ryan Ottley's original work and commissioning the planned artists to draw what they would have drawn The only one missing was Dale[...]

Whatever Happened To Image United? Erik Larsen Answers…

Once upon a time, there was a comic called Image United Written by Robert Kirkman, it featured the Image founder's characters in one comic, and was drawn by them all, Whilce Portacio, Jim Valentino, Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld, Erik Larsen and Todd McFarlane, with each artist drawing their characters and Jim Lee drawing covers.Issue[...]

Desperately Seeking Dale Keown For Image United Cover

Image United was an Image Comics crossover series that show the company and the creators were anything but united.Written by Robert Kirkman, and drawn by Whilce Portacio, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino and Rob Liefeld with covers by Jim Lee, the series has been terminally delayed.The first issues were published in November[...]

Today Is Big Wednesday

and a couple of statues...Meanwhile Image United #1 is shipping from Image in all its many covers And the new hit Chew #6 and the first mega-ordered Chew trade are shipping on the same day.And Marvel have the Thor Giant Sized Finale Add the Death of Captain America Omnibus, the Powers HC Vol 3, the[...]