ComiXology 4.0 Update Will Be A Social Media Platform

ComiXology-Logo-MainLots of people use ComiXology to read digital comic books.

But as we have noted, discussion with publishers reveal that digital reading numbers appear to have plateaued for their titles.

Instead we have seen ComiXology expand the range of comics they distribute, exclusively publish some with Submit, move from country after country to expand the reader base and add Dark Horse. So what's next? With IDW moving their app from ComiXology to Madefire and Marvel making comics available on Kindle, there are threats from all sides.

Well next up, we understand that ComiXology 4.0 will see their service transformed into a native social media app. Directly challenging the likes of Twitter and Facebook, but comic book-based – and allowing people to share their purchasing decisions, lists – and resulting discussions.

Will anyone choose not to sign up?

ComiXology did not respond to enquiries made yesterday.

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