Could Flipped James Bond Cover Be More Valuable?

Another retailer jumping on the James Bond bandwagon is Maximum Comics. The store has gotten Denis Calero to create an exclusive cover for the for the new Dynamite series subtitle Vargr from Warren Ellis and Jason Masters.

Now looking at the images below the obvious question that comes to mind is: why did they flip the image? The first three images are all the same but when we see the final cover at the bottom, it has been flipped. This suddenly has the gun falling from Bond's non-dominant hand (he is right handed) and the flip makes it a left handed gun. It also puts his breast pocket on the wrong side of his jacket.

It may be a stronger image composition wise once flipped… but it causes some problems. Is this an error and if so, will it make the cover more valuable?

You can get this comic at their website.

MaxiumComics_Bond_Concept Calero BOND 1 inks Calero BOND Max Comics color JamesBond01-Cov-S-Exclu-Maximum-Calero

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