Creating Comics Is Hard – Comicker Is Here To Help!

Sean E. Williams writes:

When I co-founded Comicker LLC, our focus was to put comic book creators first: we offer our creators the second-best deal in comics (or so we've been told by lawyers), but the most flexible schedule of any comic book publisher.

We got to that point because as a comic book writer myself (Fairest: the Return of the Maharaja, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, Unnatural Selection, and more), I realized after talking to artist after artist that creator-owned books are too time consuming to be feasible for most. That's why we came up with our four-page-per-month schedule — small enough to not infringe on a day job or freelance work, but enough to still put out a book regularly. And we'd given away too many rights to other publishers on our own series, which is why we only ask for the publishing rights for all the series we produce (and don't charge any marketing or production fees, unlike some other publishers).

Which brings me to the next big thing we're doing for creators: The Comicker Creator Convention Calendar (or "The C4" as we've been calling it). With this latest addition to the Comicker lineup, we're helping creators keep track of when (and where) all the conventions are, but more importantly when the deadlines to apply for tables are! Cons book up nine months in advance nowadays, so keeping track of what's down the pipeline can be taxing. That's why we'll send notifications when a deadline is approaching, to help take some of the business burden off of creators, and let them get back to creating (which is what they do best anyway).

The C4 is going to be available first to the Backers of our Comicker Press: Season 2 Kickstarter campaign. If you haven't checked it out yet, we're offering five six books through this campaign, and a bunch of Exclusives that are only available to Backers. For a sneak peek, check out these pages from Waking Life: The Friend Eater, a comic-within-the-story one-shot by Ben Humeniuk that was just sent for free to all Backers — it's got bonus content exclusive to the campaign that won't be made available anywhere else:

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