Curb Stomp #2: Hardened Exteriors And Surprising Twists

BOOM_CurbStomp_002_A_MainBuckle up for the second intense issue of Curb Stomp from BOOM! Studios, written by, Ryan Ferrier, with art by Devaki Neogi and colors by Neil LaLonde. Curb Stomp is a story about The Fever, a gang made up of five women: Machete Betty, Violet Volt, Daisy Chain, Derby Girl, and Bloody Mary. They live in a small borough called Old Beach, that they protect every night from the other gangs attempting to take over. When we left off in the last issue, we watched as Derby Girl was kidnapped. This causes quite the uproar in Old Beach, as everyone gathers together to try and figure out a way to help. However, when Bloody Mary goes missing from the group to take care of her sick mother, things get a little tricky.

BOOM_CurbStomp_002_PRESS-3I mentioned in my last review how serious and realistic this book is. A lot of the content is harsh, and involves drugs, violence, etc. All of that surrounding a group of girls that have been forced to create a hard exterior for themselves is a bit heart-wrenching. I found myself becoming very connected to the group, feeling pain for them, and hoping that things get better. Ferrier writes a thorough, emotional, and intense script. You wouldn't guess it if you flipped through Neil LaLonde's brightly colored pages, although there are an array of gloomy colors at some points. The jagged lines and rough character designs from Davaki Neogi accompany the content well. Overall, the entire issue is full of surprises. I don't want to spoil the controversy that takes place mid-issue for those of you who haven't had a chance to read it yet, but wow is it an eye-opener. Things are heating up in Curb Stomp #2 and I can barely wait to read next month's issue.

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