Dan DiDio, Stocking Up On Essentials During Coronavirus Pandemic

Man, when the bosses at DC Comics see this, they are totally going to fire him. Oh wait… anyway, former DC publisher Dan DiDio has been posting up a storm on social media about bagging up his comics collection in his Californian home during the coronavirus pandemic. But what happens when you run out of bags, long boxes and backing boards? Do they still count as essential supplies? He posts;

dan didio

A clandestine meeting in an empty parking lot. After a quick exchange, bags, boards and boxes are secure and on the way home. Special thanks to all comic shop owners , working hard to keep the dream alive.

Bablyon 5 creator, and author of the latest pandemic comic Resistance, J Michael Straczynski, replied,

I have alerted the Feds and they are on their way to you now. Remain where you are and keep your hands where we can see them.

You know I've heard that DiDio took meetings with Resistance publisher Bill Jemas… DiDio replied

 Played it safe. Didn't mention store by name.

His wife Leilani confirmed that DiDio washed his hands right afterwards. Californian governor Gavin Newsom has ordered the state's 40 million residents to stay at home unless required to make essential trips, the first US state to implement such measures.  "It's difficult to be the bearer of these messages, I can assure you," Newsom said yesterday. "Home isolation is not my preferred choice. I know it's not yours. But it's a necessary one." The order comes just days after multiple counties in California issued similar "shelter at home" mandates, with exemptions provided for buying food, going to pharmacies and getting petrol. The statewide mandate forced all non-essential businesses to close.

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