Dark Horse To Collect Aw Yeah Comics From Franco And Art Baltazar


Art Baltazar and Franco's Kickstarter funded self published series Aw Yeah Comics is being picked up by Dark Horse to be collected and published in the second half of next year.

Here's what the boys have to say about it…


I LOOOOOOOOVE working with Dark Horse! They are making a major commitment to All ages comics and we couldn't be happier to be involved! Everyone at Dark Horse has been so cool but the upmost respect to Scott Allie for the vision and the passion he has for comics! I can't wait! AW YEAH!


Dark Horse is awesome!
I still can't believe the things they are letting us get away with in "itty bitty HELLBOY"!
Working with them is fun and feels right! Its like that friend you have where you can show up to their place anytime and they'll always have a cup of coffee waiting for you. Besides, I think we have the same goals. Making awesome comics for fans to enjoy!

AW YEAH COMICS! is our own comic project with our own comic characters and for our own comic shop, AW YEAH COMICS! (in beautiful downtown Skokie, IL). Its been awesome to make our own comics for the all ages audience! I feel it's my job to get kids who never read comics to pick up our comics for the first time and get 'em hooked! It's true. I love hearing when people tell me my book was the first comic their child read! Awesome! Rewarding and exciting!

I think Dark Horse collecting the AW YEAH COMICS! trades will be a great opportunity to get our comics to a wider audience! It welcomes retailers to the party, allows them to kick-back and see what we have been doing. AW YEAH RETAILERS! It feels good. Like a long car ride from coast to coast. Let's make it awesome.


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