DC Has Infinite Frontier Event, Marvel Has Infinite Destinies Event

Today DC Comics announced an Infinite Frontier summer event. A few hours afterwards, Marvel announced an Infinite Destinies event.

DC Has Infinite Frontier Event, Marvel Has Infinite Destinies Event
Infinite Destinies

Though Marvel had this first as they solicited the Infinite Destinies annuals for the summer of 2020. The annuals dropped off Marvel's schedule as a result of the pandemic but never returned – until now. The original line-up was thus;

  • Iron Man Annual #1 with Quantum, by Jed MacKay and Ibraim Roberson
  • Captain America Annual #1 with Overtime, by Gerry Duggan and Marco Castiello
  • Thor Annual #1 with Spirit of Corruption
  • Black Cat Annual #2 with White Fox
  • Avengers Annual #1 with CLASSIFIED
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man Annual #1 with Amulet
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1 with Prince of Power
  • Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 with Star

Marvel has today announced Iron Man, Captain America and Black Cat Infinite Destinies annuals for July, and on the same day that DC Comics published Infinite Frontier and announced an Infinite Frontier summer event. It's like Identity Crisis and Identity Discs all over again.

Marvel Comics Teases The Future Of Black Cat

Black Cat has especially been seen knocking around with Infinity Stones, in her dreams and in teases, of late.

DC Has Infinite Frontier Event, Marvel Has Infinite Destinies Event

There's also a certain image with Thanos wielding the "Infinity Hammer" that may be tieing in as well.

DC Has Infinite Frontier Event, Marvel Has Infinite Destinies Event

Here's how the Marvel MIA Missing In Action List is looking now that we can take the Infinite Destinies annuals off it.

  • W.E.B. Of Spider-Man
  • Darkhold Alpha
  • The Punisher Vs Barracuda
  • Gwen Stacy
  • Nebula
  • How To Read Comics The Marvel Way
  • New Warriors
  • Dark Ages

And the Marvel PR, which also confirms we will see the return of South Koran superhero, Taegukgi.

From The Infinity Gauntlet to The Infinity War, the emergence of the Infinity Stones has resulted in some of Marvel's most memorable epics. Now, these legendary artifacts have returned, and the next chapter in their storied history is on the horizon! Who will wield its unbelievable cosmic power this time? Find out this June in INFINITE DESTINIES, the highly-anticipated Marvel event that will be told over the course of eight thrilling annuals and conclude in INFINITY SCORE, a game-changing upcoming arc in BLACK CAT!

INFINITE DESTINIES will trace the current whereabouts of the Infinity Stones, some of which some of which have fallen into the hands of Marvel's newest breakout characters. Marvel's biggest heroes know all too well the destruction that the Infinity Stones can herald, and each part of this saga will see an iconic character clash with a rising star.

It all kicks off in IRON MAN ANNUAL #1 by writer Jed MacKay and artist Ibraim Roberson. When Iron Man learns about the strange people who kidnapped and tortured Miles Morales, he HAS to look into it. What he finds out about the Assessor and especially Quantum will shock you. Secrets are revealed in this in-depth look at some of the coolest new villains that will lay the groundwork for major future Marvel stories!

The event continues in CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL #1 by writer Gerry Duggan and artist Marco Castiello. The fugitive known as Overtime broke out of death row when the Time Stone chose to bond with his soul, giving him powers he barely understood. Now, thanks to Captain America… his time is up.

Part three will take place in BLACK CAT ANNUAL #1 by Jed MacKay and artist Joey Vazquez. Felicia Hardy's latest caper finds herself on a deadly journey across Seoul, where she comes face to face with White Fox, Tiger Division, and the new hero who recently made his startling debut in the sold-out TASKMASTER #3: Taegukgi!

Each issue will also include a chapter of "Infinite Fury" starring the original Nick Fury. Fury's own quest to find the current bearers of the Infinity Stones will take him all over the Marvel Universe and pit him against some very powerful people who will terrify both Fury and YOU!

Written by JED MACKAY
On Sale 6/2

On Sale 6/9

Written by JED MACKAY
Cover by C.F. VILLA
On Sale 6/23

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