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Cover image for AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 INFD
Check out the preview below. AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 INFD MARVEL COMICS JUN210626 JUN210627 – AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 RON LIM CONNECTING VAR INFD – $4.99 (W) Jed MacKay (A) Travel Foreman, Juan Ferreyra (CA) Federico Vicentini "INFINITE DESTINIES" CONCLUDES! The last secret of the Infinity Stones and Infinity Stone-Bearers is revealed here Meet the new character who beats Captain America and Iron Man[...]
Black Cat
The Infinite Destinies Annuals featuring the newly bonded folk with the Infinity Stones that have been running through the summer from Marvel Comics, after being delayed for a year by the pandemic, alongside the Black Cat comic book, with Jed MacKay running the show They tend to have a pattern, a lead character involved in[...]
Miles Morales makes a new friend in Miles Morales Spider-Man Annual #1, in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday and continuing the latest Marvel rehash of the Infinity Gauntlet story, Infinite Destinies That friend happens to be Amulet, the new superhero with a magical titular amulet coming from the pages of Ms Marvel Together, can[...]
Cover image for THOR ANNUAL #1 INFD
Thor Annual #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, spreading the super-mega-crossover event joy of Infinite Destinies, the latest in a long line of rehashes of The Infinity Gauntlet In this preview, which promises hot Thor on Thor action, we find Thor, alerted to all the evils Loki will commit in the future,[...]
Dammit, it was gonna be Marvel itself! Marvel has been pumping out Infinity Gauntlet retreads for several years now, and the latest is Infinite Destinies, a series of Summer annuals, and here's a preview of the latest chapter in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 Enjoy. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #2 INFD MARVEL COMICS MAY210553 MAY210554 – AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #2 RON[...]
Infinite Destinies Annuals Lead Into Infinity Score in August
Originally planned for last year, the Infinite Destinies Annuals teaming up established Marvel characters with newcomers, reach the conclusion of their Infinity Stones-related storyline in August, before kicking off a new story, Infinity Score, from the also-delayed Black Cat comic by writer-of-the-moment Jed MacKay.  Infinite Destinies Annuals Lead Into Infinity Score in August Marvel's biggest heroes know[...]
DC Has Infinite Frontier Event, Marvel Has Infinite Destinies Event
A few hours afterwards, Marvel announced an Infinite Destinies event. Infinite Destinies Though Marvel had this first as they solicited the Infinite Destinies annuals for the summer of 2020 The annuals dropped off Marvel's schedule as a result of the pandemic but never returned – until now The original line-up was thus; Iron Man Annual #1 with Quantum,[...]
Leaked Black Cat #3 Page Reveals Infinite Destinies for Marvel Comics
Infinite Destinies was a planned Marvel Comics crossover for the last summer that never happened, because of the shutdown It would have been made up of eight annuals, continuing a story between them, from one spotlighted character to another, and teaming established Marvel characters with more recently created characters And it would also have brought[...]
Infinite Destinies, Marvel's Summer Annual Event, Launches in June
Running through eight Marvel annuals this Summer, Infinite Destinies will see classic and newer Marvel heroes and villains paired up in a quest to once again obtain the Infinity Stones, which haven't been the subject of a super-mega-crossover event for like, two years. Yes, very exciting. Even more exciting: a press release! The Infinity Stones have played a[...]