Deadpool's Co-Creator Gets A Kickstarter – No, The Other One

Kickstarter time! It's been a fairly long while coming to print. We first ran publicity about it back in 2017 almost a year ago. Then again when it launched as a Webtoon comic in 2018. But finally Outrage, the comic from Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza and Fabian's collaborator on Cable & Deadpool, Reilly Brown, is coming to Kickstarter… we presume that it will be a smoother path for Fabian Nicieza than the other Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld, who after eight years is still receiving complaints that people didn't get books, didn't get the right books, or didn't get refunds.

Kickstarter: Outrage from Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown
Outrage from Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown on Kickstarter

The story of a mysterious individual who can navigate the Internet and physically manifest at the source of the vile bile that spews throughout social media. Along with an array of weaponry limited only by his imagination, Outrage can exact a swift, merciless pummeling of anyone who triggers, humiliates, mortifies, stalks, hawks, balks or otherwise abuses someone on the Internet. And also, anyone who doesn't know the difference between their, there and they're. But who or what is Outrage? Why is he – or she – so angry? And can this mysterious entity be tracked down before the interweb explodes with violence?

"As the world continues to become more connected and social media dominates the way people communicate, bullying and negativity unfortunately become more prevalent as well with users hiding behind the shields of their computer screens," said Nicieza. "I wanted to take a unique spin on the vigilante, creating a new kind of cyber hero in the vein of Deadpool meets Mr. Robot meets The Office"

"It's an awesome experience to be working with Nicieza again for this series, because he pays me to say things like that," added Brown. "Modern society is rampant with virtual abuse, and it has been a lot of fun bringing this vigilante character to life who is doing his part to stop the trolls."

How many times have you wanted to reach through the Internet and strangle someone? Or, at the least, give `em a swift kick in the nuts? Yeah, everyone feels the same way. But… what if you could? Anonymously. Quickly. Violently. Would you…?

Outrage has already received Kickstarter pledges of $10,000 against a $5,000 goal from 168 backers with 23 days to go.

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