Doctor Who Magazine Writer Hides Secret Message That We Can't Print In This Headline

No, it's not a clickbait tactic, forcing you to click the link to find out what the message said. It's just that we can't put the word "cunt" in a headline.

A writer for Doctor Who Magazine going by the name of The Watcher hid a vulgar message for his bosses at Panini (the publisher of the magazine) and BBC Worldwide in a column in the latest issue. As noticed by users on 4chan and some folks on Twitter, taking the first letter of every sentence in this (admittedly poorly cropped) photo of the magazine reveals a not-so-nice sentiment toward Panini and BBC.

We'll give you a moment to figure it out for yourselves. If you don't feel like putting in the effort, scroll below.


Panini appears to have not been very amused by the message, as the text has been altered to remove it in the digital version of the magazine.

Earlier this year, Marvel Comics ended their relationship with artist Adrian Syaf after he placed antisemitic and anti-Christian messages in the art of the comic book X-Men: Gold without Marvel's knowledge. The incident ended up making the comic worth about $30 on ebay, so if you've got a copy of Doctor Who Magazine with the naughty message, get your listing up now.

We've reached out to Panini for comment, and will post an update if they respond.

And to The Watcher, if you're out there, er… watching, feel free to contact us below and elaborate on your message.


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