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Does That Kid Have A Mustache? – The Axe Cop SDCC Panel Recap

Joseph Kyle Schmidt writes for Bleeding Cool:

The Axe Cop panel began in earnest with co-creators and brothers Ethan (29) and Malachi Nicolle (7) greeting the crowd. Malachi, of course, was dressed as Axe Cop. They immediately began plugging their new merchandise from Mezco, including Axe Cop riding a T-Rex and Baby Man.

"And Baby Man is doing his dance: the Baby Man," said Malachi. Yes, a 7-year-old pretty much moderated the panel. And it was glorious.

DSC_1047Ethan then talked about Malachi's suggestions to Mezco for the toys, including the ability to breathe fire and be made out of diamond.

"It's a weapon and a toy!" Malachi said.

They then showed stills from the show, complete with narration from Malachi which consisted of him making strange noises and groans. Unfortunately, staff prohibited taking photos of the slides. Shortly after the introductions, they played an episode of the show in which Axe Cop babysits Flute Cop's child, Unicorn Baby, so he can take his wife to Hawaii. The plot was typically Axe Cop in humor and plot, adapting a story from the comic called 'Axe Cop Babysits Unicorn Baby.' It jumped around faster than one could blink, throwing in evil cyborgs, Magic Police, a baby-powered poop cannon and more.

After the show ended, they asked Malachi what he thought, as he hadn't seen the show yet. He expressed disappointment that Dinosaur Soldier was replaced with Sockarang.

The panel introduced their mystery guest, Malachi's puppet of character Ralph Wrinkles.

"I got Ralph Wrinkles when I was six," Ethan said, "And I gave it to Malachi."

After Ethan announced his middle initial was 'M,' an impromptu contest began for fans to make up Ralph's middle name.

They then went over the laws of Axe Cop's world, which include:

"If you say a bad word, you get slapped.

If you say a REALLY bad word, you get kicked.

If you steal candy, you will go to jail for 21 years.

If you vandalize a wall with spray paint, you have to lick it off.

If you kill someone, you will be fed to Wexter. Murderers are his favorite food.

If you abuse a child, Axe Cop will summon a giant baby to stomp on you.

Most important, you must give Axe Cop any game or game console WITHOUT question or he'll chop your head off."

The panel then turned to Q&A, where he was asked about Axe Cop versus Iron Man.

"Axe Cop is the smartest person in the world so he'll invent a better suit," Malachi said. "There's no one who can defeat Axe Cop. He's too strong, too smart, and too wise."

He was then asked if there is a speeding law, and Malachi made it up on the spot. "Axe Cop has his own demolition derby that he traps guys in but gives them air so they can breathe, then he pops their tires, does all sorts of damage to it, and once it catches on fire they leave to their garages and then it blows up. And if it doesn't blow up then Axe Cop uses the TNT he put under the car. Because Axe Cop seems to love explosions."

When asked if the show would be on overseas, they recommended to steal it instead.

They were only supposed to make six episodes, but they made 12 instead.

Malachi then said if Axe Cop doesn't like Fox, he will sue them and chop their heads off.

"But there's just one thing, there IS NO REAL AXE COP," Malachi revealed, much to the chagrin of everyone.

Next, Ethan's son toddler son Ezra was brought to the microphone, where he said simply "Santa. DIE."

Ezra's young uncle responded that Axe Cop will save Santa and not to worry.

The next question was about his favorite character, to which he replied Wexter.

An Axe Cop cosplayer was asked his favorite character, and he said Ralph. Malachi chided him, "Why wouldn't it be Axe Cop?!? You're the main character."

Malachi then proposed all the cosplayers in the room fight each other, a battle that he said he'd take part in. Ethan chose Malachi's first opponent, someone dressed as Waldo from Where's Waldo. After exchanging blows, Waldo attempted to hide (as he's wont to do) but Malachi chased after him. Waldo was tackled by another cosplayer dressed as raccoon Mario, after which Axe Cop claimed victory.


Next up, Protoman from Mega Man fought a hobbit girl while Malachi and Ethan narrated the action.

The next battle saw the Axe Cop cosplayed team with Ethan's son Ezra battling two Doctor Who's (or is that Doctor Whose?).

A werewolf battled a young girl next, who described herself as "a martial artist who fights."

Chaos all over the meeting room floor, the Nicolle brothers guided the fighters with their inventive, imaginative ad-libbing to the amusement of everyone in the audience.

With the cosplay battle over, they thanked the fans.

"You all may now leave," Malachi said. The manners on that kid!

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