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Leatherface is Ready to Chop up Your Collection with Mezco

Leatherface is Ready to Chop up Your Collection with Mezco

Mezco Toyz has unveiled a new horror figure for their Mezco Designer Series figures. This time we are taking a trip to Texas as Leatherface from the cult classic slasher film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He will come with a sound feature that you can activate if you push a button on his back, this […]

Two-Face Tries His Luck With New Mezco Toys One:12 Figure

Two-Face Tests His Luck With New Mezco Toys One:12 Figure

Gotham is about to get a wake up call as a new threat is ready to terrorize the city. Mezco Toyz has just announced that the notorious gangster Two-Face is getting his first toy appearance with the company. Unlike the previous Two-Face figures, this one features real world scares on his burnt face. I already […]

Ghost Face is Ready To Cut a Fool with Mezco Toyz LDD

Ghost Face is Ready To Cut a Fool with Mezco Toyz LDD

I hope you know your horror movie rules as Ghost Face is back and ready to test your knowledge. This time Mezco Toyz is bringing this masked killer back to life with his very own Living Dead Doll figure. This 10" doll has 5 points of articulations, features his iconic rob, and even crew with […]

Batman 1989 Pre-Orders Go Live on Mezco Toyz

Pre-Orders for Batman 1989 One:12 Mezco Toyz Figure Goes Live

Batman 1989 is here from Mezco Toyz and pre-orders are finally live! The figure will feature three interchangeable heads, one of which has movable eyes. he will have two separate capes that can be switched out and one has wire throughout so you can pose it how you like. Batman will come with 8 interchangeable […]

Annabelle Mezco Designer Series Figure Is Haunting

Annabelle Mezco Designer Series Figure Is Haunting

Annabelle has returned from the great beyond to haunt in your collection one more time. This time she comes alive with Mezco Toyz and their newest Mezco Designer Series figure. She does come with a set of interchangeable legs so she can be switched between sitting and standing positions. This is designed after the appearance […]

Mezco Gomez Hazard Squad Commander Reporting for Duty

Mezco's Gomez Hazard Squad Commander Reporting for Duty

Gomez is back in the news again with Mezco's newest addition to their 5 Points collection. Previously announced was Gómez: Lone Roach and Grub as they will be getting a One:12 Collective figure. So you're pretty much sold immediately out and you can join the waiting list for the restock. This time Mezco Toyz has […]

Owlman Is Here and He Wants Your Soul in New LDD from Mezco Toyz

Owlman Is Here and He Wants Your Soul in New LDD from Mezco Toyz

Owlman watches you sleep, he vanishes just before you can see him but when you do see him you'll never forget it. Popularized from the supernatural horror film Lord of Tears, when a substitute teacher is haunted by night terrors of a reoccurring a mysterious owl figure. He searches for answers after returning home only to find […]

Green Lantern Brings the Willpower in New XM Studios Statue

The Addams Family Gets 5-Point Figure Debut From Mezco Toyz

The Addams Family is here and just in time for Halloween. With the newest animated film, our favorite kookie family is back. Mezco Toyz has been teasing its newest figure line 5 Points. They have just announced that the Addams family will be the first figures to come out of this series. All of the […]

One 12 Collecitive Previews Exclusive Cable 2

There is a Previews Exclusive Version of the One:12 Collective Cable Figure

Cable is the most anticipated upcoming release from Mezco Toyz ever-popular One:12 Collective line. We now know that there will be a companion release exclusive to Previews. Cable will come with a plasma cannon with two removable magazines, a grenade launcher, eight interchangeable hands both gloved and metal armed, a handgun, two heads, and light-up […]

One 12 Collective Cyclops 9

Cyclops One:12 Collective Figure Coming in Spring 2019

Cyclops is the newest One:12 Collective figure up for preoreder from Mezco Toys. After being shown off at Toy Fair and cons this year, we finally know when he is shipping. This figure features six interchangeable hands, real fabric suit, a leather bike jacket with a working zipper, and four different visors for different action […]

Halloween Baddie Michael Myers Joins the Living Dead Dolls Line

Halloween baddie Michael Myers is getting a Living Dead Doll. Mezco Toyz line of Living Dead Dolls has been insanely popular with horror collectors and Monster Kids for years, and this is arguably the crown jewel. Michael will stand at 10 inches tall and come in window box packaging. Everything on the doll is screen-accurate, […]

One 12 Collective Joker 6

Joker Leaps Off The Page And Onto Your Shelf With New One:12 Collective Figure

The Joker has no shortage of statues, figures, and other such collectibles. However, this new Joker figure now up for preorder from One:12 Collective may be the best ever. These figures have really come a long way this year. Collectors have voted with their wallet, and they are now one of the most popular lines […]

Aquaman One 12 Collective Figure

Aquaman Justice League One:12 Collective Figure Emerges From The Depths

Aquaman has fans in a tizzy ahead of the release of Justice League this week. Mezco and their One:12 Collective line of figures has put up the product page for their Aquaman Justice League figure. He goes up for order Thursday, November 15th, otherwise known as tomorrow. After revealing other figures based on the heroes […]

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Batman Gets An Awesome Retro-Inspired Throwback Figure Thanks To Mezco

Batman is getting what is arguably one of the coolest-looking figures we have ever seen of him with the new One:12 Collective Ascending Knight Batman from Mezco Toyz. Holy hell, this thing is rad. The fact that they are doing three, one from each era, is even cooler. Every Knight has a beginning and the […]

Mezco One12 Collective Miles Morales

Mezco Toyz Gives Us The Miles Morales Of Our Dreams

The Mezco One:12 Collective line of high-end action figures continues to impress collectors, with highly-detailed figures, in a scale we like, with accessories we want. These figures are also finely articulated, so getting them into action poses is easier than ever. This year, for SDCC and online, they will be making a high-end version of […]

I Am In Love With The Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of my favorite films of the year, and because it is what I do, I instantly want to purchase toys from it. I can't help but watch…pretty much anything and think to myself "Oh, that would be a great toy" and think of character waves and such. One of my favorite […]

Mezco Creates Nightmare Fuel With New Line Horror Burst-A-Box

Mezco has decided to make a toy that will no doubt be popular, but would terrify me forever. Actually, just the picture of these makes me edgy. Deemed "Burst-A-Box", these are a line of jack-in-the-box toys based around horror icons. The boxes themselves are based around the respective franchises, and feature sculpts on the pop […]

Mezco's One:12 Collective Welcomes Deadpool (And Headpool)

Mezco's One:12 Collective line has made quite a name for itself lately in the premium figure market, and this entry should be no different. After first revealing at SDCC last year, their Deadpool figure is finally up for preorder. Featuring two swappable heads, 30 points of articulation, six interchangeable hands, sculpted belt (with pouches!), hand-painted […]

Does That Kid Have A Mustache? – The Axe Cop SDCC Panel Recap

Joseph Kyle Schmidt writes for Bleeding Cool: The Axe Cop panel began in earnest with co-creators and brothers Ethan (29) and Malachi Nicolle (7) greeting the crowd. Malachi, of course, was dressed as Axe Cop. They immediately began plugging their new merchandise from Mezco, including Axe Cop riding a T-Rex and Baby Man. "And Baby […]