BOOM! Announces Eve: Children of the Moon for October

Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios announced Eve: Children of the Moon, a new Eve mini-series coming this October. The five-issue series from writer Victor LaValle, artist Jo Mi-Gyeong, colorist Brittany Peer, and letterer AndWorld Design will feature a main cover by Ario Anindito and variant covers by Jahnoy Lindsay, Miguel Mercado, and Mike Del Mundo. LaValle is fresh off the success of Marvel's Sabretooth series with a follow-up planned, according to Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston. Now that we've gotten our obligatory "link to another Bleeding Cool article" out of the way, here's some more info on Eve: Children of the Moon from the press release:

The long-awaited return of the best-selling sci-fi adventure is finally here! Eve seemingly saved the world once already, embarking on a perilous quest to protect what remained of humanity after a deadly virus outbreak… but the story doesn't end there! Eve, Eve's sister, and Wexler face new challenges, and a darkness from the past.

Here's what LaValle had to say about it:

When EVE came out I didn't know if readers would love her and her journey as much as I did. It was a gift when they embraced her as much as they did. And when we were done with issue #5, I realized there was more of her story to tell. But not just hers. The whole world we'd built. Eve saved the world but what happens the day after that? What if the world doesn't take too kindly to saviors?

And here's what Jo Mi-Gyeong said:

CHILDREN OF THE MOON is an exciting story that's completely new while still having strong connections to EVE's previous adventures," said Mi-Gyeong. "I'm very excited to go on this journey with Eve, who has grown up, and to show you all the new faces, as well as the various worlds of Eve that we haven't shown yet!

The press release also features a quote by editor Elizabeth Brei, but as you are well aware by now, Bleeding Cool has a strict "no editors policy" and believes no editor should ever come within 100 feet of a Bleeding Cool article, which is why nobody proofreads the articles here. However, you will be relieved to know that this article passed a thirteen-point automated SEO check before we were allowed to click publish, and the social media box contains a minimum of two hashtags, so at least we've got our priorities in order.

Eve: Children of the Moon #1 will be in stores in October. Check out some art below.

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