"Eve Stranger" #2: More Fun, More Humor, More… Jetpacks? (REVIEW)

IDW's Black Crown imprint is pretty punk rock. Sure, you get books like Punk's Not Dead: London Calling, and that's really punk rock- but then, you get a book like Eve Stranger, which has all the punk sensibilities of Tank Girl with the frantic pacing of a Marx Brothers movie.

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"Eve Stranger" #2: More Fun, More Humor, More... Jetpacks? (REVIEW)
//Credit: IDW Publishing

Eve Stranger wakes up every week with the same routine- there's a note that spells it out for her. She won't know who she is, she'll have a gun, and unlimited funds. She knows twenty ways to kill a man with her bare hands. She wrote the note to herself, before injecting the formula that keeps her alive. And each week, she has a mission to perform.

Eve is part of a top-secret program that sells her services to the top bidder, and in issue two, the top bidder is Madden, a diminutive, foul-mouthed man who wants to run the bulls at Pamplona. He's paid a ton of money to have Eve carry him through the streets in a baby carrier.

Eve Stranger is funnier than hell. It's not obvious at first, but there is a ribald sense of humor running through the pages of this comic that reminds me a lot of The Venture Brothers and a bunch of other things. It's irreverent, and the universe Eve lives in is fantastic.

"Eve Stranger" #2: More Fun, More Humor, More... Jetpacks? (REVIEW)
//Credit: IDW Publishing

We also get background information on Jimmy Mac, a person with a lot of history with Eve.

There's a quick thing I want to throw out kudos for here: This kind of character trope has been done before, most notably by Joss Whedon in Dollhouse. And there's always that creepy dude that wants to cross a line and use the main character as a sex toy, since they won't remember it, and hey! HE BOUGHT HER, RIGHT?

The same thing happens in this issue of Eve Stranger, with a potential client thinking he's entitled to a lot more of Eve than the contract allows. I absolutely love where David Barnett goes with this, and how he completely turns that particularly repulsive, lazy as hell story beat on its head.

"Eve Stranger" #2: More Fun, More Humor, More... Jetpacks? (REVIEW)
//Credit: IDW Publishing

The art from Philip Bond has that perfect, pup-punk feel to it, with gorgeous colors from Eva de la Cruz. It's a great, fun, funny, gorgeous to look at book. I had a blast with it. I want more of it. I need more…

And that last page… I won't spoil it for you, but the world of Eve Stranger is so much fun to visit!

SUMMARY: Writer: David Barnett; Art: Philip Bond; Colors: Eva de la Cruz; Letters: Jane Heir; Editor: Shelly Bond; Publisher: IDW Publishing; Release Date: June 26, 2019; Cover Price: $3.99; 37 Pages; Rated 15 and older for profanity, mild sexual situations, and cartoon butts.

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