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His Dark Materials: Teaser Trailer - BBC
LITG: His Dark Materials, Credit: BBC

Daily LITG: – the ten most-read stories yesterday…

  1. Why Is "His Dark Materials" Called "His Dark Materials" Anyway?
  2. Tasks & Rewards For December Community Day 2020 In Pokémon GO
  3. The Flight Attendant Updates the Hitchcockian Comedy-Thriller for HBO
  4. DC Comics Misprints Lois Lane Collection, With Printer Guidelines
  5. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Charlie Day's Message to The Emmys
  6. The Kyurem Scale: Rating Bosses In Pokémon GO – Johto Beasts
  7. Titans Season 3 Star Joshua Orpin Introduces Series' Newest Krypto
  8. Riverdale Season 5 Premiere Preview Images: An Ending & A Beginning
  9. A Very Peculiar Cover To JLA Omnibus
  10. Pokémon GO December Recap Community Day: Prep Guide Part 2

ICYMI: more you may prefer from yesterday.

In case, I don't know, you fancied reading more about comic books.

LITG one year ago… Orlando Jones was fired from American Gods

And we were number crunching comic store data.

  1. "American Gods" Star Orlando Jones Announces Firing [VIDEO]
  2. Are These The 25 Biggest Comic Book Stores in the USA?
  3. Looks Like Stjepan Sejic is Serious About His Poison Ivy Sequel to Harleen, Isley
  4. In Hell Arisen Finale, Lex Luthor and Batman Who Laughs Fight Over Who Will Reboot DC Universe
  5. Art Thibert Finally Talks About Getting Blacklisted at Marvel, to Promote His Comic, Chrono Mechanics
  6. "Rick and Morty" S04 "Rattlestar Ricklactica" Preview: Rick's Not "Walken"
  7. No, The Amazing Mary Jane is Not Cancelled With #5 – And Here's The Proof
  8. Ubisoft Releases The "Just Dance 2020" Song List
  9. Is Captain America Still Worthy Enough to Lift Thor's Hammer in Avengers #28? [Preview]
  10. "Modern Family" Season 11 "The Last Christmas": Ho-Ho-Hoping Santa Brings "Less Ethnic Stereotyping" This Year [REVIEW/OPINION]

LITG two years ago… DC cancelled Border Town

And we were watching Aquaman.

  1. DC Comics Cancels Border Town in Light of Allegations Against Its Writer? (UPDATED)
  2. Konami Releases Info on Upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Duel Power Cards
  3. Is There a Post-Credit Scene in Aquaman? (No Spoilers)
  4. Heroes In Crisis, Spoilers and the Lessons of Armageddon 2001
  5. Jason Momoa Comments on Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck Reportedly Leaving the DC Universe

Happening today:

Because things are still going on, somewhere, sometime.

Daily LITG: Comic book industry birthdays

There may not be much of a party atmosphere right now. All depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date.

  • J. M. DeMatteis, co-creator of Moonshadow, Justice League International, Maxwell Lord, Scooby Apocalypse.
  • Reginald Hudlin, writer of Black Panther, Django Unchained, Marvel Knights Spider-Man.
  • Filip Sablik, President of Publishing & Marketing at BOOM! Studios
  • CW Cooke, writer of Solitary, Jail Bait, Stillwater.

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