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Fanboy Rampage: Dan Slott Vs. Andrew Wheeler And The Rest Of Twitter

Well, Prowags we like to let the conversation actually play out first, maybe conclude, at least see where it goes before we consider running something like that. Also, I was a bit busy.

Yeah, sorry about that.

So what went down? Well, Marvel EIC Axel Alonso seemed to state on Friday that the Marvel character of Hercules, now getting his own ongoing series and believed to be bisexual after a certain funeral scene, in which his ex-lovers appeared to include Northstar, was straight. Me, I always saw Hercules as a Greek God and thereby pretty much omnisexual. But there you go.

This received considerable criticism on-line, especially in comparison to DC Comics' approach to such character representation, and even more especially when it dovetailed into other criticisms made against Marvel for the lack of black writers being employed by the publisher.

Amazing Spider-Man writer, Dan Slott, defended his editor-in-chief with a Teddy Roosevelt quote that he has now removed. But still exists, in a longer form in a Youtube video in animated bear form that he posted five years ago.

Which basically seemed to state that Axel is doing a tough job, and it's easy to carp from the sidelines.

So there was considerable emotionally-fuelled reaction to this. Including from ex-Bleeding Cool writer and current Comics Alliance editor-in-chief and Eisner Award winner for Comic Book Journalism, Andrew Wheeler. Here are select smatterings of that conversation. Those that haven't been deleted, that is.

So what did Dan want people to do?

So, buy books like Ms Marvel. But how were books greenlit in the first place, if not the realisation that there was a vocal audience that might buy it? The kind that were criticising Axel Alonso now? Andrew Wheeler said it succinctly.

But as t Axel working really hard as EIC…

But others saw it differently.

We were getting that. Some just didn't see that as a relevant point. But there were other issues to consider, such as the reaction by some to 1872's portrayal of Red Wolf.

It was pointed out that Young Avengers was no longer being published.

As if to underline that…

But Dan had made one deletion.

And he had concerns as how people might now interpret his upcoming work which, it seems, will touch on these points in Amazing Spider-Man #1.

We'll bear that in mind, Dan… as to the level hardship, Andrew wanted to make a comparison.

It was a point he had previously made. Some still didn't find it relevant to the point.

Dan did want to clarify his thoughts about diversity in comics, however.

And he did want to address Andrew's comparisons.

As to the creation of the Ms Marvel comic and the role of the editor in creating that book, it was still up for discussion.




Dan then decided to write a little more at length.

As well as underlining his active role in creating stories that did that.

But the choice of words and tone were very much in dispute.

And the Teddy Roosevet quote was still a problem for some, regarding the Hercules decision.

Which was an admission missing previously, and certainly an interesting one.

And there was more reason and understanding in the air.

Well some, anyway.

And there was discussion regarding how previous discussions were being interpreted.

So there was still some underling to do.

I dunno it's pretty good where I'm sitting. But Dan was clearly under stress from all sides.

Yeah, it can be a downer. But it wasn't all bad…

Always good to have Bleeding Cool contributor Joe Glass getting a kiss from Dan Slott. But there was still much to discuss with the internet.

And there did seem some steps towards reconciliation.

And coming to terms with everything everyone was saying.

And exactly where it might end.

And there was slow realisation from all sides.

Although there was more internet reality to deal with.

And there was an emerging closeness of opinion..

But then something unexpected happened.

Okay. Time to hack Wheeler's Twitter account… I think his password is still "wobble".

But this morning? Possibly after said discussion? A full apology…

Which ends up with "I screwed up. And I am genuinely sorry."

Sometimes apologies aren't instant. Sometimes the desire to defend oneself is strong, we all see ourselves as the hero in our own story. Sometimes an apology takes time, as realisation takes a while to set in. I know that of old…

Fanboy Rampage was a blog by Graeme McMillan dedicated to the funniest, most ludicrous and most inappropriate comic book back-and-forths online. McMillan has moved on now, becoming a proper journalist for the likes of The Hollywood Reporter and Wired but he gave permission to Bleeding Cool to revive his great creation. Feel free to suggest your own observed spots of online excess.


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